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In today's standardized, mass produced, cookie cutter, one for all world, how do you break out of the mold? Simple. The human touch makes the difference.

Over the past decade, QUORiON has established a network that spans over 70 countries - proof of our reliability as a POS system producer. Our partnerships are based on our unique way of doing business plus distinct advantages that inspire trust and confidence in those that buy POS systems from us.

Partnership Packeded Full of Benefits

Here are additional reasons why POS resellers in 70+ countries buy POS systems from QUORiON:

Made-to-order POS systems

You buy Android POS systems that best suit YOUR market.

No minimum order quantities

Don't  invest in large inventory. Stay as flexible as market conditions require. Order as needed.

Personal customer service

Easy change request and order handling as needed.

No costly service plans

Receive POS software updates at no additional charge.


We offer spare parts valued at a negotiated percentage of the total order value. Many fiscal countries require spare parts to be on stock for several years. We can honor such guarantees.

Long term partnership philosophy

Our time horizon is long term.  We build partnerships that last.  Many POS resellers have been with us for decades.

In-house & online training

When you need it. Where you want it. And it's FREE!

OEM logos

Want to sell under your own brand name? Available by request.

Wish to become a QUORiON reseller?

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