Commitment to POS Resellers

Anyone can claim excellence. But what does it mean to POS resellers?

The Customer First

The industry today offers a variety of POS producers and products. In order to achieve and cultivate long term partnerships, companies must offer their B2B clients substantial value. This requires a commitment to excellence in terms of service and product. QUORiON has successfully worked with resellers in 70+ different countries. Clear evidence that demonstrates our customer centered approach and dedication to YOU - our partners.

Your Success

Our team works closely with you in order to produce the POS system that best fits your market - whether it is adding new POS software features or modifying hardware for specific purposes such as fulfilling fiscal law regulations.

Having problems with your POS installation or are unsure how to implement the latest features? We will be there to help you. Personal assistance in problem resolution plus responsiveness to your concerns are key ingredients in our corporate culture.

We tirelessly work to perfect our products, expand software functions, and meet your requirements, so that you can offer your clients all the tools they need to be successful. In case our QMP software does not include features you need, simply submit your request. Our engineers will be happy to have a look. These are services, which you simply do not get from generic POS system manufacturers.

The Personal Touch

The big corporations produce similar products, but do you receive the same close knit, shoulder-to-shoulder support from them as well? Do they offer free training? Doubtful.

Do they listen to your requests and make modifications to their products as your market conditions change? No way.

However, it is exactly this kind of commitment that will help you get the most out of a business partnership.

With the QUORiON team you can rest assured that you have a dedicated factory, which remains committed to your satisfaction and your POS reseller business.

Sounds too good? 

Yes, it does and our team will ensure that it stays that way.

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