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Dry Cleaning POS Systems

QUORiON's dry cleaning POS systems support a special printing format for hydrofix paper rolls, customizable receipt designs, and open account reporting features. 

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Kickstart Your Laundry Business with QUORiON Dry Cleaning POS Systems. 

QUORiON dry cleaning POS systems present the perfect fit for small businesses with a walk-in customer base and personal interaction. All QUORiON POS systems come with the QMP POS software pre-installed.

It addresses the need for greater flexibility in receipt design and management. Ticket print-outs are fast and easy. Design your own tickets styles, include your own content, insert bar code options, or personalize receipts with your own marketing message or company logo. Along with the receipts, the QMP software prints out separate Hydrofix-Paper tickets for each one of your clients to easily tag their garments. This greatly speeds up retrieval and client processing, increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

QUORiON dry cleaning POS systems confer greater business utility, because it lets you concentrate on your customers rather than on tedious paperwork, lengthy retrieval of clothing or tabulating totals at the end of the day. Call up balance reports, automate balancing, and directly access PLU items with QUORiON’s fast touch screen menus.

Our dry cleaning POS systems provide you with the cornerstones to deliver professional, stream-lined service and have customers return to YOUR store for their garment needs.

Why Choose QUORiON Dry Cleaning POS Systems

Whether you operate a corner cleaning business or run an industrial laundry operation with several hundred employees, you must get the processes right. 

Ticket Number System

Orders will automatically set on balance with a specific number. When the key is pressed at the end of the transaction the register will automatically store the transaction on the first free balance number. It speeds up the entire process.

Hydrofix-Paper Print Formats

Print on special paper with normal EPSON printer. Hydrofix paper is 44mm, but you can use the normal 76mm EPSON as well. Removes need for special printer.

Open Balance Reports

Prints out all orders which are not yet paid. Gives a report containing all open balances, so that you can check debits.

Direct PLU Keys

PLU's are programmed directly on keys. Get a PLU by one key. Saves time compared to selecting from a list.

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Effortlessly manage your dry cleaning operations with QUORiON.

Dry Cleaning POS Hardware

For dry cleaners seeking cost-effective POS solutions, QUORiON has got you covered. Our range of POS systems is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. Here are our top recommendations to help you find the right POS system for your dry cleaning business.

Recommended Dry Cleaning POS Systems

QTouch 9 POS system for small dry cleaners

POS System for Small Dry Cleaners

  • 10.1 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 9
QTouch 16 POS system for industrial dry cleaners

POS System for Industrial Dry Cleaners

  • 15.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 16

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