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The most cost effective retail POS system for your grocery, liquor or apparel store.

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Cleverly Manage Your Busy Store with QUORiON Retail POS Systems.

QUORiON retail POS systems represent the answer to the expanding number of small to medium sized stores looking for a cost-effective point of sale solution.

All QUORiON products come with the QMP POS software pre-installed. We designed our retail POS systems with you in mind to deliver simple, customizable, and efficient solutions that help your store succeed.

You receive both an amazingly rich feature set and superior usability. For instance, it delivers extensive tools, so that you can customize the interface to your liking. Quickly program your retail POS system on your PC and then send the data through your network to all units. 

Likewise, retrieve data from all terminals via LAN or WAN (remote access via Internet). Plus, it supplies a complete management system with highlights such as 100,000 PLUs, stock control, barcode printing, cash oversight, and scanning. You can also program up to 70+ types of multi-buy action tables and thereby offer special discounts to repeat customers. Functions such as loyalty system, reporting, and customer account management will give you the edge you need. 

Achieve new levels of checkout proficiency, improve customer service, level-up sales, and enhance customer retention.

Full Insight and Control at All Times

Retail POS stock control

Stock Control

Stores the inventory quantity, amount, minimum and cost price for each item.

You can do the complete stock control management at the POS terminal directly without any PC.

Save the costs for an additional back-office software package

CCTV Integration

Overlays transactional data onto closed circuit TV/video.

Allows you to record what goes on by the retail POS system and what was purchased at that time instance.

Promotes security, supervision, and training.

pos system cctvpos software configurator

Configurable Reports

Allows you to configure data retrieval to include information, which is most important to your own particular business, thereby maximizing your analytical results.

Instead of relying solely on standard reports, you can create your own.

Gain management critical insight into your sales transactions.

Clerk Cash Declaration

Clerks have to count money in drawer before they are allowed to run the end-of-day report (Z).

Clerks cannot change the in-drawer amount, because they need to count and enter the actual value.

You have full oversight for cash-in-drawer to spot any fraud.

Entry of Employee Work Times

All clerks need to logon if they start and logoff if they stop working.

It will be possible to calculate the total working time for wages or commissions.

Easy to use and reliable attendance clock.

Forced Price Entry to Open Drawer

Zero prices are not allowed.

There is no possibility to open the drawer without a valid sales transaction.

It prevents fraud.

Monitored Pay-in And Pay-Outs

All PO/RA are recorded in the reports.

There will be a detailed report of the quantities and amounts of PO/RA.

It eliminates manipulation and skimming.

Provide customers with the most excellent shopping experience at your point-of-sale.

Fast Checkout

Quick keys. PLU lookup by name. 

Use direct access keys on screen. Enter the first letter(s) to filter the PLU list accordingly.

Ensure quick and efficient checkout.

Customer Accounts

Display / print-out customer name and address.

Login with magnetic card, code number or scan code; save loyalty information.

Tailor your customer's shopping experience by gathering their info into accounts.

Receipt Design

Customize your receipt.

Place ads & marketing texts on your receipts plus logos and store names.

Inform your customers about new deals and campaigns to generate more sales.

Payment Options

Cash, card, mobile, contactless, EBTs with Dejavoo card readers and other EFTs.

Select, which payment media your client wants to use - mixed payment is also possible.

Provides clients' preferred payment options and convenience.

The Retail POS That Simplifies Workflows

Floating PLUs

Any price changes or other modifications of the PLU programming will automatically be sent to all terminals in the network.

You only need to enter program changes once and not separately on each terminal in the network.

It saves you time to program / update your POS systems.

One Time Entry of PLU Info

Stores PLU info in memory.

You need to enter info only once.

Saves maintenance costs and quickly updates POS systems in a network without having to program each one.

Customizable POS Software

Easy programming of system parameters such as taxes, menus, reports and much more.

You can customize your POS terminal to suit your own needs.

Provides complete freedom and flexibility.

Centrally Program Retail POS Systems

PC utility for your POS systems.

You can program everything from your PC and send over the network to your POS systems.

Make changes quickly, centrally, and conveniently across terminals plus locations.

Retail POS Systems and Barcodes

Create & Scan Sales Items

Scan or create sales items with PLU numbers and several barcodes. 

Maintain your article inventory quickly and easily with a barcode scanner.   Also supports 2D & 3D scanners for checkout.  Table or hand-held.

Use the latest barcodes to minimize transaction and stock update times.

Special Barcodes

Create individual barcodes.

Typically applies to self-manufactured products, which you can manage independently from other product types in your store.

Increases flexibility and decreases maintenance time/cost.

Self-Service Concepts

Give your customers the opportunity to shop according to their needs.  Help your team with these point of sale features:

  • Deposit returns and generate associated receipts directly on the POS terminal
  • Redeem deposit receipts from reverse vending machines
    • i.e. drop off your empty, used bottles to get a receipt with a barcode, which you can then redeem at the POS terminal.
  • Scan price labels generated by self-service scales at the POS terminal

Maximize Your Revenue. 

QUORiON retail POS systems come with an array of tools to help your manage pricing. Maximize your revenue in just about any scenario that you may encounter or wish to set up.

Mix & Match (Action Tables)

There are 70+ different types of special actions to grant discounts to the customer.

Program special actions to be calculated automatically without any clerk input.

It helps increase your turnover and reduces steps your team needs to follow during checkout.

Time Based Pricing

Charge different prices depending on the time of day.

You can offer discounts or charge premiums for high season traffic.

Set pricing automatic policies depending on season or time of day to cater to different clients and purchasing power.

Price Levels

Switch to another price level, either manually or automatically by clerk, time (happy hour), special action, etc.

You can change prices according to the time of the day or other factors.

Used for time-limited promotions like happy hour, seasonal offers, or different prices for inside/outside locations, etc.

Condiment Tables & Modifiers

Makes cross- and up-selling available.

Generate additional sales by offering supplemental goods or more expensive ones in the same category, but at a lower price.

Promotes impulse buys and encourages deal seekers.

Retail POS Hardware

QUORiON maintains a great selection of retail POS systems for every type of store.  Here are our recommendations.

Recommended Retail POS Systems

QTouch 9 POS system for kiosks

POS System for Kiosks

  • 10.1 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 9
QTouch 11 POS system for boutiques

POS System for Stores / Boutiques

  • 11.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 11
QTouch 16 POS system for grocery stores

POS System for Grocery Stores

  • 15.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 16
Touch screen POS system for supermarkets

POS System for Supermarkets

  • 15.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Optional 9.7 inch customer display on back, MSR, Dallas lock

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