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QUORiON bakery POS systems supply the ingredients for successful bakeries.

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Transform Your Bakery's Sales and Operations with the Best Bakery POS Systems from QUORiON

Our bakery POS solutions present the ideal choice for bakeries that do not wish to invest in expensive server systems, but nonetheless wish to stream-line their workflows. QUORiON bakery POS caters to your exact needs through years of input from sales partners and bakery owners alike.

Ultimately, you receive features that save you time plus money through low cost of ownership, process improvements, and flexibility. All QUORiON POS systems come with the QMP POS software pre-installed.

Our bakery POS solutions present the ideal choice for bakery businesses that do not wish to invest in expensive server systems, but nonetheless wish to stream-line their workflows. They help you proactively manage orders, receipts plus baking lists and accounts. Moreover, they provide quick access to PLU#s, prices, and descriptors. The floating clerk functionality makes order registration a breeze even during peak hours. You gain further workflow enhancements via the menu driven order entry. Profit from a professional bakery management solution at the fraction of the cost you would ordinarily pay for competing products.

Despite the low cost of ownership QUORiON bakery systems remain scalable even on the day you decide to expand. They easily support remote access to retrieve data from several branches. The software supports a wide variety of peripherals devices such as ordering terminals or beverage dispensers, if you wish to supplement your service offer.

Gain Full Oversight into Your Bakery's Operations

bakery pos stock control

Stock Control

Automatically store the quantity, amount, minimum, and cost price for each item. 

This allows you to easily deduct ingredients from storage, without the need for extra tracking and processing.

Save valuable time, while eliminating bottlenecks and providing clear insight into your profits. 

Beverage Dispensers

The dispenser only releases beverages, which are registered on the point of sale.

There is no way for the coffee clerk to manipulate the beverages, for example.

It saves you a lot of money, because it prevents tampering and "free" drinks.

beverage dispenser bakery pospos software configurator

Configurable Reports

Create custom reports tailored to your bakery's unique needs.

You gain critical insight into your bakery's operations, helping you make informed management decisions.

Optimize your bakery's profitability and success. Make strategic changes based on sales trends, inventory levels, and employee performance to ensure your bakery is running at peak efficiency.

Clerk Cash Declaration

Track cash transactions with ease.

Your bakery can easily manage cash transactions, reduce errors, and improve accuracy.

Increase your bakery's efficiency, save time, and ensure transparency in your financial reporting. Make informed decisions that help you optimize profitability and growth.

Entry of Employee Work Times

Allows clerks to log on and off easily.

Calculating total working time for wages or commissions is made simple and hassle-free.

Our easy-to-use and reliable attendance clock makes managing employee attendance effortless, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens.

In-house & Take-out Bakery POS

Use a unique feature for in-house and take-out sales transactions, automatically switching between different tax rates.

No need to manually calculate different tax rates for in-house and take-out sales. Our automatic tax switchover ensures accurate and efficient tax calculation.

You can improve your bakery's efficiency and accuracy.

Provide Your Customers with an Exceptional Bakery Experience.

Customized Order Entry

Custom order entry by preference.

You can easily register items ordered by customers and choose between delivery or pick-up options. You can even save the delivery date and time directly on the POS terminal.

You save time and reduce manual effort, enabling your staff to process orders quickly and accurately. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving your bakery's profitability.

Bonus Programs

Enter, display, print-out customer data.

Create customer accounts with relevant information such as name, address, individual discounts, or collected bonus points.

Take advantage of the numerous customer loyalty functions, such as promotional discounts, customer cards or loyalty programs.

Receipt Design

Personalize your receipt design by adding ads, marketing texts, logos, and your bakery name.

You can promote your business by informing customers about new deals and campaigns on every receipt.

Stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on your customers with every receipt. Reinforce your brand identity.

Price/Weight Info System

Allows your customers to quickly check the price/weight of any item.

Customers can easily check the prices of products before making a purchase, which improves their experience by providing transparency and convenience.

You can increase sales and foster loyalty. Also reduces the time and effort needed for your staff to provide information, freeing up their time to focus on other tasks.

The Bakery POS That Differentiates Your Location with Unique Services

Floating Clerk

Temporarily store a transaction for a clerk. In this way more then one clerk can work simultaneously on the bakery POS.

When another clerk interrupts the transaction of the current clerk, the POS assigns a buffer in this file to the current clerk in which the current transaction will be stored. When the clerk is selected again the POS terminal will recall the transaction from the buffer. This applies to networked Android POS terminals, too.

Several clerks can work at the same time on the same machine. This improves customer turnover.

Bar Codes & Scales for Shop-in-Shop

Run shops-in-shop such as a terrace operations, a small restaurant, a grocery section, and more.

Take advantage of additional revenue opportunities by considering supplemental offers and expansion possibilities.

Expand your bakery and offer more to your customers, resulting in increased revenue and profitability. 

In-store Advertising Display (CD 701 or QDisplay)

Aside from showing the transaction balance, QUORiON POS customer displays show marketing information to the client during the transaction. 

Use your PC to comfortably create text and store images on the display’s memory card for later replay. 

The customer display draws attention to ongoing sales promotions or additional product offers to up-sell. 

Table-Side Ordering App

Lets your staff to take orders directly at the table using the QOrder Android App.

Your staff can take orders quickly and accurately.

By streamlining the ordering process, you can free up your staff to focus on other tasks, such as delivering exceptional customer service or preparing freshly baked goods.

Inform Customers about Ingredients

Display ingredient information.

Inform consumers about potential allergens and additives.

Enhances your bakery's reputation as a responsible and trustworthy establishment that cares about the well-being of its customers.

Payment Options

Cash, check, card, mobile, NFC, etc. with Dejavoo card readers and other EFTs.

You can select, which payment media your client wants to use - mixed payment is also available. Various EFT integrations provide payment options in several countries. 

Provides insight into clients' preferred payment options and greater convenience to client.

The Bakery POS That Lets You Stay Organized

Menu Lead-Through

Delivers elegant customer processing. The touch screen technology, makes complex menu based ordering simple and efficient.

Intuitive interface for quick and easy servicing. The touch screen technology allows you to navigate quickly through large lists during item selections.

Speeds up efficiency of your business and minimizes errors, thereby saving cost.

Delivery Management

Saves name, address, and last order per customer.

It is possible to create a new delivery account, when an unknown account number is entered. The register will ask you, if you want the create the delivery account and prompt you for the account details.

Makes more personal service possible and saves time on repeat purchases.

Modifier System

Enables your bakery staff to add cooking instructions, ingredients, supplements, and messages to a kitchen printer.

Modifier text is printed together with the PLU name at the kitchen printer, providing the baker with important information to prepare the order accurately and timely.

You can customize every order to meet the customers' unique preferences, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Smooth Order Processing

Provides branch ordering services.

After entering the product, customer, and delivery information, the POS system stores and sends this data to the branch ordering service. You can read or write order balances from or to the POS system. The POS system stores these orders in a CSV file.

Speeds up your supply chain and thereby improves operation efficiency.

Maximize Your Revenue. 

Use the various POS functions for time-based price management. Design your pricing policy to reflect seasons or times of day. Address specific target groups or highlight special items for your guests. Reward them for frequent visits. Create set menus to help raise revenue.

Price Levels

Switch to a different price level based on specific actions, such as manual switching, automatic switching, happy hour, or special promotions.

Use it to offer time-limited promotions such as happy hour, seasonal offers, or different prices for inside/outside locations.

Attract more customers by offering customized pricing options that suit their needs. Increase sales and improve customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business.

Mix & Match (Action Tables)

There are more than 70 different types of special actions to grant discounts to the customer.

You can program special actions to be calculated automatically without any clerk input.

Increase revenue through traditional discounting, or cross- / up-selling items.

Loyalty System & Promotion

Stores customer data & tracks how often the client has dined with you. Promotions sets automatic discounts for items you define.

Reward them for repeat purchases and improve their loyalty. Automatically discount any items that you target in your promotions. Waiters don't need to perform any additional steps.

Provides incentives to visit more often and therefore increases revenues.

Time Based Pricing

Charge different prices depending on the time of day.

You can offer discounts for happy hours and charge premiums for high season traffic.

Set pricing policies depending on season or time of day to cater to different clients and purchasing power.

Bakery POS Hardware

QUORiON has excellent bakery POS options for both small and large bakery businesses.  Here are our recommendations.

Recommended Bakery POS Systems

Android POS system for small bakeries

POS System for Small Bakeries

  • 11.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 11
Android POS System for bakery chains

POS System for Bakery Chains

  • 15.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 16

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