Our Competitive Advantage

The steadily growing product sales confirm the three critical company principles that differentiate us from other point of sale manufacturers.
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Quality Engineered in Germany

For decades Germany has taken great pride in its well-trained work force. Daily, our quality conscious employees achieve a consistently high quality standard. With an abundance of low cost manufacturers, the label ENGINEERED IN GERMANY remains a top quality signal.

Flexibility - Customized POS Systems

Demands in the industry are constantly evolving. Our company has the distinct capability to fit reseller needs and adapt to your market dynamics.

As opposed to the generic Far East supplier, QUORiON does NOT require minimum order quantities, either. Gone are the days of maintaining huge inventories. Order according to your market conditions and stay flexible!

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Rapid Delivery & High ROI

Today, the big no longer beat the small. It is the fast who beat the slow. We are able to deliver with minimum lead times and we respect that your market requirements can change on very short notice. You will therefore always remain in a great position to quickly take advantage of developing business opportunities. Furthermore, you can rapidly roll over your investment, because you receive your POS terminals in days or weeks - not months!

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