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QDisplay - Android Customer Display App

For QUORiON POS Systems and Cash Registers

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Android Customer Display App - QDisplay
QDisplay App for Android

The QUORiON Display app turns Android devices into graphical customer displays. Offer your customers maximum transparency during the sales process and present advertising messages with ease. QUORiON Display is scalable, intuitive, location- and device-independent, and easy to manage.

Transparent Sales Processes & Customer-Friendly Advertising.

Android Customer Display App
QUORiON Display – the flexible customer display software

QUORiON Display – the Flexible Customer Display App

QUORiON Display is an easy-to-use Android App that you can install on any Android tablet. The corresponding tablet connects to the QUORiON POS system via LAN or WiFi and you can use it directly as an external customer display regardless of location. The customer display app is auto-responsive and therefore adjusts to the size of your end device.

Your Customer Display for Better Marketing in Retail & Hospitality.

During wait times or even during the sales process, the customer display automatically shows your predefined advertising messages. If several advertising images are loaded into the software, they run in a slideshow with freely adjustable time intervals. Improve the branding and advertising effect at your POS and increase your sales with additional purchases.

Your customer display for better marketing in retail & hospitality.

QUORiON Display – Customize to Fit Your Needs

Digital Receipts – The Green Alternative to Paper Receipts.

In conjunction with the back-office software QBC, the Android customer display App enables you to create digital receipts - fast, environmentally friendly, contactless. After completing the transaction process, the customer can show the receipt on their smartphone via QR code and then download it in PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes QUORiON Display from conventional customer displays?

A customer display enables the customer to follow the sales process on the POS system. It informs the customer about their purchased items and the amount to be paid. In addition, use the customer display to present advertising messages. In contrast to conventional hardware devices, our solution uses all the advantages of modern software:

  • simple touch operation
  • fast connectivity
  • different display modes
  • mobility
  • extended functions (cloud-based media management, digital receipt)
  • hardware independence

How does the customer display connect to the POS system?

Commercially available customer displays are connected to the POS system via a serial interface (RS232) or via USB cable. In contrast, you bring the QUORiON Display into the network of the POS system via the Android device’s WiFi. This also enables a simple connection to the back-office software QBC and allows automatic software updates plus digital receipts. 

Which tablets can I use for QUORiON Display?

QUORiON Display works with all commercially available Android tablets running Android version 7.0 or higher. There are almost no hardware requirements for the end device. If the device has a USB interface or MircoSD/SD card reader and is WiFi-capable, you can use the device as a customer display.

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