International POS Company

QUORiON's channel strategy relies on a close knit network of selected distribution partners throughout the world.

Your POS Company with International Focus.

As an international POS company, we have the ability to respond to individual market requirements. We therefore develop marketing strategies for the individual countries or POS systems in mutual agreement with our partners. This ensures you get the best service to fit your location.

If you are a POS reseller looking for the right POS company to team up with, we are happy to get you started immediately!

Ensuring further successful growth, QUORiON is acquiring and expanding into new markets in cooperation with resellers like you. Not all partners have exclusive distribution rights and many markets remain open to sale. 

International POS company

Are you looking to replace your Sharp or Casio cash registers?  

Or perhaps wish to add new products to your POS line up?

Act now and become the first official QUORiON POS system reseller in your country. Our competent and friendly staff will be happy to assist you in finding your optimal POS solution.

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