QTab 9: Your Ideal Kiosk POS System

The QTab 9 is designed to be the perfect kiosk POS system, offering a wide range of features tailored to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. With its Android OS, 10.1" PCAP touch screen, and customizable QMP POS software app, the QTab 9 provides everything you need for efficient and effective kiosk management.

qtab9 kiosk pos system with printer

QTab 9 - Streamlining Kiosk POS Operations

The QTab 9 excels as a kiosk POS system with its exceptional flexibility and adaptability. Its design allows it to function seamlessly as both an independent POS system and a comfortable customer display for QTouch systems, making it ideal for self-service kiosks. The tablet's elegant base ensures stability on the counter, while the adjustable screen tilt angle guarantees optimal visibility from various viewing angles, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, the QTab 9's capacitive touch screen, integrated WiFi, and splash-proof construction further enhance its suitability for kiosk use, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environments. Its online update capability and flexible screen layouts enable easy customization to meet specific kiosk requirements. Overall, the QTab 9 is a versatile and high-quality solution that offers the features and durability necessary for a great kiosk POS system.

QTab 9 Kiosk point of sale system

Kiosk POS System or Customer Display.

The QTab 9 offers versatile functionality, serving as both a customer display or a kiosk POS system. With its adaptable design, it seamlessly transitions between roles, providing a tailored experience for various business needs. 

Flexible Tilt Angling for Enhanced Viewing.

Revolutionize your workspace with the QTab 9's innovative tilt angling feature, designed for ultimate flexibility and comfort. Whether you're using it as a customer display or a kiosk POS system, the adjustable screen tilt angle ensures optimal visibility from any viewing position. 

qtab9 kiosk POS vesa tilt anglebakery qtab9

Highly customizable Android POS App.

The pre-installed QMP POS App empowers you to customize your QTab 9 for retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, or bakeries. Easily program your POS system to suit your exact needs and enjoy unparalleled flexibility to meet the diverse demands of almost any small business.

Compact Design, Durability.
Performance, Convenience.

The QTab 9 kiosk POS system is the ideal choice for today’s start-up owner. With its outstanding features, the QTab 9 not only helps you now, but also ensures future-proof performance for your kiosk.

Android OS

Android devices reduce power consumption and overall cost of the unit.

Remote Screen-Share

Share your QTouch 9 desktop screen to simplify support and training from any location.


Built-in WiFi capability let's you connect to your local network.

10.1" PCAP Touch

PCAP touch screen continues to function even when damaged, so you can use it till repairs.


Closed housing and fanless.  Dust proof.  Silent cooling.


Protects the QTouch 9 even under non-ideal conditions.

  • Table-side ordering App (QOrder)
  • Customer display Android App (QDisplay)
  • QTouch 9s
  • QUORiON QTouch terminals
  • PC
  • Server
  • AnyDesk Remote Desktop
  • TeamViewer
  • WAN
  • Customer display
  • EFT (Dejavoo, other)
  • Scanner
  • Scale
  • Cash drawer
  • External printer (receipt printer, kitchen printer, fiscal printer)
  • Tap controller, drink/liquor dispenser
  • MicroPlus Kitchen Monitor

Connect All the POS Devices You Need.

Kiosk POS System Specs



Quad-Core Rockchip
3566 A55 1.8 GHz

Working Memory


System Memory

8 GB


Operator Display

10.1-inch TFT-display
Capacitive touch screen
Resolution: 1024 x 600 px

Operating System


Version 11

POS Software


QMP refers to the QUORiON POS software. It comes pre-installed on all POS systems. QMP offers numerous productivity features for a wide range of industries. It even allows for hybrid business models such as restaurants with a merchandise store. No modules, no monthly fees.


1 x RS232, DSUB 9

4 x USB 2.0 (type A)

CARD READER 1 x Micro SD card

1 x Cash Drawer RJ12-12V

LAN 1 x 100 MBit

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


LxWxH: 260 x 170 x 205 mm,

10.2 x 6.7 x 8 inches

Operating Conditions

100-240 V AC, 1.5 A (external)

2.8 kg (6.2 lbs)

0°C > + 40°C

-20°C > + 55°C

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