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QUORiON Android POS Systems serve over 650,000 small businesses in more than 70 countries. Enjoy superior customization options, take advantage of many useful features, and easily scale your business. QUORiON is YOUR Android POS partner of choice for retail stores and restaurants.

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QUORiON offers a comprehensive product line ranging from small cash registers to Android PCAP touch screen POS systems.
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Why POS Resellers in 70+ Countries Rely on QUORiON for Their Point of Sale Needs

The QUORiON Advantage

QUORiON's success over 24 years confirms the three critical company principles that differentiate us from the others.

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Dedication to Our Resellers

The industry offers a variety of products. To Cultivate long term partnerships, companies must offer their B2B clients true value.

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Buy POS with Confidence

QUORiON combines tradition with a sense for the future. Steer clear of generic POS companies hyping inferior POS apps with very little to offer.

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Reseller Testimonials

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"Quorion excell in hospitality environments. I have installed several QUORiON POS systems into harsh environments. They have to be the most reliable kit I have ever had experience of."

Steve Lipton
MD POS Services Ireland

"In the increasingly competitive world of POS and cash registers, it is unusual to find a manufacturer willing to engage with the “pit face”. We are encouraged by the level of participation and cooperation we have found with QUORiON and their willingness to step up to the plate. 

Our experience with QUORiON is a 'breath of fresh air' and with their assistance we have recently provided an integrated EFTPOS solution for their complete range of product that will allow us to engage with an expanding and demanding market."

Jon Brewster
Sydney Cash Registers

"The depth of programming is awesome…a lot of knowledge and capability is here, eliminating the need for additional supporting processes in Hotel/Motel, Pizza and Delivery/caller id. Pool hall table rentals by the hour with bar tab all in one terminal on one ticket, reservations and sales terminal-in-one. I love your product. It’s really feature rich. I’m impressed beyond words.

I don't know what to sell first, the impressive gear or the great QPROG software. The QUORiON package has changed my focus and will allow me to solve many issues that I've been asked about for years.“

Myles Carlisle
Moose Cash Registers

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