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Restaurant POS Systems

The most cost effective restaurant POS system for your fast food (QSR), fine dining or coffee shop operation.

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Master Your Busy Hospitality Business with QUORiON Restaurant POS Systems

Whether you run a take-out, a table based restaurant, or a coffee shop, your customers will always insist on a convenient and consistent service. This is where QUORiON restaurant POS systems help you.

Our restaurant POS systems come with the QMP POS software pre-installed. It's responsive touch screen menus open new avenues to cleverly manage your restaurant.

Take advantage of table layouts, menu structures, and button customization. Create fully interactive table layouts to fit the interior of your restaurant. Color codes show the status of a table and thereby convey information about it – see which tables are open or closed as well as those that the service staff has neglected. Skillfully manage all tables to increase operating efficiencies and maximize customer turn-over. Separate / combine tables, reopen them, or transfer balances fast and easy. You can also take advantage of the software's table floating capability, which automatically transfers all active sales data per customer to any POS system in your network. Share information and devices over a network to remain as nimble as your restaurant requires. Add the QOrder Android based table-side ordering app and see how quickly your service time improves!

Maximize table turn-over, improve customer service, stay flexible, and enhance customer enjoyment.

Take Command of Your Restaurant

Restaurant POS stock control

Stock Control

QUORiON POS systems store the inventory quantity, amount, minimum, & cost price for each article. Deduct ingredients from storage.

No need to spend time on extra tracking and processing. It's all automated.

Saves management and staff time. Eliminates bottle necks. Provides clear insight into profit structure.

Liquor Control System

The dispenser only releases drinks, which are registered on the point of sale.

There is no way for the bartender to manipulate the drinks.

It saves you a lot of money, because it prevents tampering.

androbar liquor control system for restaurant POSpos software configurator

Configurable Reports

Allows you to configure data retrieval to include information, which is most important to your restaurant.

Instead of relying solely on standard reports, you can create your own.

Gain management critical insight into your hospitality ops.

Waiter Cash Declaration

Before running the end-of-day report (Z), clerks are required to count the money in their drawer and enter the actual value. 

It's great to know that this process ensures that the in-drawer amount cannot be altered. 

Plus, with your full oversight for cash-in-drawer, you can spot any potential fraud. What a relief!

Entry of Employee Work Times

All clerks just need to log on when they start and log off when they're done working.

You'll be able to calculate their total working time for wages or commissions! 

Plus, with our easy-to-use and reliable attendance clock, managing employee attendance has never been easier!

Waiter Hand-Over Reports

Detailed Waiter Hand Over Reports, allow you to track the sales and tips.

You can ensure that there is no misreporting of sales and tips as the reports provide accurate data of each server's sales and tips.

This feature saves time and reduces manual effort for calculating sales and tips. By eliminating misreporting, you can improve the accuracy of your financial records and increase profitability.

Provide customers with the most excellent dining experience at your establishment.

Table Side Ordering App

Enhance your customer's dining experience with our QOrder App! Place wireless orders directly at the table, freeing up your staff to provide top-notch service and consultation. 

Drinks will be promptly prepared at the bar and delivered to the table. 

This efficient process speeds up service time, increases customer satisfaction, and saves on staffing cost. 

Customer Accounts

Display / print-out customer name and address.

Create customer accounts with relevant information such as name, address, individual discounts, or collected bonus points.

Run loyalty programs or tabs.

Receipt Design

Personalize your receipt to promote your business! Our system allows you to add ads, marketing texts, logos, and your restaurant name to your receipts. 

Inform your customers about new deals and campaigns, generating more business. 

Stand out from the competition and make your mark with every receipt.

Payment Options

Cash, card, mobile, contactless with Dejavoo card readers (USA) and other EFTs.

Select, which payment media your client wants to use - mixed payment is also possible. There are different integrations for different countries.

Provides clients' preferred payment options and convenience.

Restaurant POS Systems That Set Standards for Great Table Management

Guest Check Floating

The POS system will transmit balance information (tables, rooms and accounts) to all terminals in the network.

All orders are automatically available on all machines in the network.

In larger restaurants you can work on several machines simultaneously.

Guest Check Splitting

You can separate items ordered on a single table later on.

If guests sitting on one table want to pay separately, you can manually split the invoice into several portions before paying.

Offers superior convenience, because each guest gets his own invoice and requires no additional calculation.

Transfer Function

Separate or combine tables and transfer the booked items.

Quickly and easily transfer to other tables or locations within your restaurant (i.e. bar to table).

Save time managing customers and tables.

Graphical Table Maps

Shows the floor plan or a photo of your location with tables in the screen. Allows you to upload bitmaps of your floor plan and then assign tables to track. 

Instead of selecting tables from a list, you can simply open them by touching the icon on the floor plan.

Makes table selection easier, faster, and more comfortable.

Table Assignments

Assigns tables to individual waiters.

Other waiters will not be able to book to tables outside of their assignments.

Facilitates creation of a sophisticated commission system.

Seats per Table

Number the seats at each table.

Ensures correct order delivery to the appropriate person at the table.

Improves customer satisfaction & reduces service errors.

Restaurant POS Systems and Everything for the Kitchen

Kitchen Printer and Display Monitors

Display orders on printed tickets or KDMs. 

The reliable QPrint Thermal 5 printer makes kitchen order management efficient. Add a kitchen display monitor from MicroPlus to show staff current orders.

Minimizes order mistakes and improves customer satisfacion.

Multilingual Kitchen Tickets

Set language for tickets and receipts.

Automatically print kitchen receipts in the language of your chef (i.e. Chinese) and generate receipts in the customer's native language, i.e. English.

Improves coordination and information exchange. Less error correction means less cost.

Receipt Routing

Send receipts to where they need to go.

Automatically send food orders to the kitchen printer and drinks to the bar. Define backup kitchen printers in the event of an error or use the re-routing function to manually send items to special kitchen printers. Includes special instructions.

Automates workflows and speeds up service leading to greater table turn-over.

Hold & Fire

After you set a menu or courses, the waiter can hold these & "Fire" them to the prep area, when the guest is ready.

Food always arrives at the right time.

Improves customer service.

...and Conversely Everything for Your Customer

Modifiers & Condiments

Create options for items.

These can then automatically open on-screen selection windows during an order entry (i.e. how a steak should be cooked: rare, medium, well done).

Speeds up ordering and provides customization, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Pizza Toppings

Makes special toppings available. 

Have the POS system ask for special toppings. Guides the operator automatically.

Eliminates order errors, increases revenue.

Side Dishes

Typically served as a supplement to the main meals. 

The customer usually orders and pays for these in addition to the main meal. The restaurant POS prints these and then inserts them with price information on the kitchen and POS receipt.

Increases revenue.

Maximize Your Revenue. 

Use the various POS functions for time-based price management. Design your pricing policy to reflect seasons or times of day. Address specific target groups or highlight special items for your guests. Reward them for frequent visits. Structure menus to help raise revenue.

Price Levels

Switch to another price level, either manually or automatically by clerk, time (happy hour), special action, etc.

You can change prices according to the time of the day.

Used for time-limited promotions like happy hour, seasonal offers, or different prices for inside/outside locations, etc.

Restaurant POS Systems with French Menu Option

A special set menu function used in fine dining operations.

The guest can make a selection of his choice for each course, like starter, main, dessert. Upsells entire coursed meal at discount.

Increases overall order value.

Loyalty System & Promotion

Stores customer data & tracks how often the client has dined with you. Promotions sets automatic discounts for items you define.

Allows you to reward them for repeat purchases & therefore improves their loyalty. Automatically discount any items that you target in your promotions. Waiters don't need to perform any additional steps.

Provides incentives to visit more often and therefore increases revenues

Event Pricing

Turn your bar into a stock exchange with “The Drink Exchange”. 

Food and drink prices change constantly depending on what your customers buy. The current prices are displayed on a monitor. 

This is interactive for your customers and at the same time an effective tool for promoting sales.

Restaurant POS Hardware

QUORiON maintains a great selection of restaurant POS systems for every type of hospitality business.  Here are our recommendations.

Recommended Restaurant POS Systems

QTouch 9 POS system for coffee shops

POS System for Coffee Shops

  • 10.1 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 9
QTouch 11 POS system for fast food (QSR) & food trucks

POS System for Fast Food (QSR) and Food Trucks

  • 11.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 11
QTouch 16 POS system for bars & lounges

POS System for Bars / Lounges

  • 15.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Built-in printer, customer display
QTouch 16
Android POS system for restaurants

POS System for Restaurants

  • 15.6 inch PCAP touch screen
  • Optional 9.7 inch customer display on back, MSR, Dallas lock

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