A New POS Sales Opportunity for EVO Reseller Partners

QUORiON, a German manufacturer of POS systems and cash registers, has entered the U.S. marketplace through a partnership with EVO Payments.


QUORiON is a POS system producer from Germany.  The QUORiON product line ranges from small cash registers to sophisticated touch screen POS systems.  The company focuses on differentiation and constant evolution of POS driven solutions from cloud based back-office to counter-top terminal.

Moreover, QUORiON’s concept revolves around a rock-solid LINUX based POS software.  It comes pre-installed with every QUORiON product.  The POS software is truly unique with its multi-purpose approach, because it supports virtually any type of business, whether your merchant runs a retail store, a food service operation, or a bakery.  In addition, the company provides many value added features for these businesses as well as salons and dry cleaners. There is no boundary between industries, which allows for cross over business models, i.e. running a restaurant with a merchandise store.

Over the past 20 years QUORiON has expanded sales into 70+ countries world-wide with 470K units sold.  Over 400 resellers enjoy superior customization options, extensive networking capabilities, and sought-after features with QUORiON’s POS solutions.


QUORiON’s Advantages to Resellers:

  • High-quality Made in Germany standards
  • Back-to-front end point-of-sale solutions
  • Malware-resistant Linux-based operating system
  • Extensive customization options to address many different merchant needs
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Responsive, personalized assistance for installation or issue resolution

Learn more about QUORiON’s products and joining its new U.S. reseller network.