POS Software

QMP – QUORiON Multi Purpose

POS software for stationary and mobile devices

QMP stands for QUORiON Multi Purpose. It describes QUORiON’s POS software and is pre-installed on all QUORiON products. To this day, QMP POS software remains unique in its multi-purpose approach, supporting virtually any type of business, be it in retail, gastronomy or bakeries. In addition, it offers many additional functions for these businesses as well as for hairdressing salons and laundries. The boundaries become blurred, so that cross-divisional business models can be implemented, for example to create a restaurant with an associated retail shop.

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The biggest advantage of QMP is its versatility

POS software should not only look chic – it should be especially useful! The QMP POS software offers unsurpassed scalability in network operation and supports a wide range of peripheral devices such as receipt printers, scanners, dispensing systems and scales. Expand your service offer and grow your business.

Software and hardware made for each other.

The QMP software is pre-installed on all QUORiON cash registers and touch systems. No installation is necessary. No messing around with software drivers. Due to its basic architecture, the cash register system offers comprehensive protection against malware.

As a specialist dealer,

you use the QSC programming software (PC program) to design our cash register software completely freely and therefore adapt the cash register systems to the individual needs of customers. Configure the cash register functionalities, regardless of your hardware requirements.

As an end customer,

you use the QBC cloud back office solution to manage your master data in the cash register software. Convince yourself of the comprehensive reporting in QBC and effectively analyze your sales figures in real time.

In addition, QUORiON mobile ordering app QOrder for Android devices as an extension  for using the POS software directly on mobile Android devices.

Functions tailored to your business

Below you will learn more about the many cash register functionalities that the QMP software offers you.

General functions

  • Multilingualism – supports foreign languages
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Individual access rights for employees
  • Storage of all transactions, fiscal export


  • Remote maintenance (LAN & WiFi interfaces)
  • QOrder – mobile ordering app
  • QBC – back office software
  • Connection of peripheral devices:
    • Card terminals
    • Scales
    • Dispensing systems
    • Automatic pay stations
    • Caller ID modules
    • Barcode scannerr
    • External printer
    • Cash drawers

Industry-specific functions

  • Retail:
    • Barcode management
    • Price management
    • Master data management & Stock control
    • digital fiscal data exchange
  • Restaurant:
    • Dispensing control
    • Registering of customer requests
    • Coordination of kitchen & service
    • Table management
    • Pricing
    • Customer relationsships
  • Bakeries:
    • Customer care & service
    • Ordering process
    • Ingredients
    • Payment transactions
  • Hair Salons:
    • Personnel management
    • Customer loyalty & marketing functions
  • Dry Cleaning:
    • Automatic number assignment (tickets)
    • Printing format for Hydrofix paper
    • Individual receipt layout
    • Simple accounting

Individual programming

  • Programming software for resellers – QSC
  • Free software updates & patches – to extend functionality (only over reseller available)
  • Programmable article compilations (menus)
  • Window selections at any depth
  • Versatile macro functions
  • Optional function assignment for fast access keys


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