Restaurant Ordering App


Mobile ordering app for Android devices

How does QOrder help you in your gastronomy business?

QOrder is a hardware-independent, mobile ordering system with which you can use the QMP software on Android devices. It was developed for all QTouch systems as an extension of your POS solution within your entire restaurant. Clerks taking orders with that mobile device and remains securely over WiFi in the locally connected QTouch system.
Whether a 4″ smartphone or a 10″ tablet, choose the Android device that best fits your business. Buy one license for each mobile device you want to use at the same time (maximum 8 mobile devices possible), install the application, and you’re ready to go. Send orders over the network directly from table to the kitchen (up to 8 different printers possible). And if you already know the QMP software, you don’t even have to learn new software. It is really so simple! Save on hardware investments. Reduce installation costs. Maximize the productivity of your employees.

How does your restaurant benefit from a mobile ordering system?

It enables your service team to focus more on your customers through better coordination. Fast ordering process directly at the table, automated printing of kitchen slips, prompt service and satisfied customers are the most important advantages. You benefit from more efficient communication and service processes, higher table turnover and enthusiastic customers who will enjoy visiting your restaurant again.

Why should you use QOrder?

QOrder is ideal for your restaurant if you:

Are looking for a reliable, modern, mobile ordering system for your restaurant and want to use low-cost hardware


Maximize customer satisfaction through efficient service and expect seamless integration of your mobile ordering system with the cash register system


Want to increase sales with highly efficient staff, but still need the same ordering and payment processes for their mobile devices as at the cash register itself


Increase productivity through wireless technology while minimizing idle customer service time


Rely on advanced, secure data communications to achieve your goals


Strive to reduce your costs and increase your table turnover by subscribing via radio, but still want an uncomplicated connection to the cash register system

What distinguishes QOrder from ordering systems of other manufacturers?

Modern software for mobile devices (app)

  • Easy to install even without expert knowledge
  • No training required for a separate mobile ordering system
  • Modern and intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Automatic synchronization of prices and configuration with the cash register system

Platform independence

  • Works on all smartphones and tablets with Android operating system version 1.6 or higher
  • Use the platform that best suits your needs
  • Simple, intuitive, low usage costs

Use of the globally accepted WIFI standard

  • Uses standardized PC components such as routers and access points
  • Easy integration into existing LAN/WiFi networks
  • Seamless connection of the Android device to the cash register system


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