QMP 6000

Modern cash register

for the age of the cloud

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LINUX operating system.

Built-in security.

The QMP 6000 cash register comes with an embedded operating system based on a LINUX architecture. In connection with the pre-installed QMP POS software, the QMP 6000 offers extensive protection against malware and makes the administration of drivers unnecessary.

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Clear lines – designed down to the last detail.

With its expressive polyhedral design style, the QMP 6000 conveys precision, clarity and dynamics. This innovative product design attracts a lot of attention, but still conveys a feeling of balance through flowing transitions.

The most current keyboard options.

Suitable for all business needs.

The QMP 6000 series offers 2 keyboard options. A raised keyboard with 112 keys for fast and precise entry and a flat keyboard with 128 keys for custom design and easy replacement.

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Stylish Design.

Meets today’s performance standards.

The QMP 6000 cash register combines the familiar QUORiON POS functions with a distinctive design. The QMP 6000 conveys precision, clarity, and dynamics.  Exactly what today’s merchant expects.  The embedded LINUX operating system allows the cash register to operate on equal footing with current mPOS and PC POS systems. There is no other cash register that can deliver the same POS, networking, and Cloud based capabilities.

QMP 2.0

The pre-installed QMP POS software delivers a wealth of features to satisfy any retail or food service needs.


The integrated LAN interface simplifies network setup and provides cloud capability.

Dallas lock

The use of Dallas magnetic keys makes user access secure and efficient.

Different printer options.

High quality printing.

58 mm with cutter


The CAPD247 thermal printer convinces with high printing speed. It is ideally suited for all applications with its durability and the integrated auto-cutter.
54 mm printing width ~ 1 mio. cuts 24 characters per line
58 mm printer with cutter
58 mm without cutter


The LTPD247 thermal printer offers superior print performance with low noise. It is highly cost effective with its integrated tear-off edge.
54 mm printing width Integrated tearing edge 24 characters per line
58 mm printer without cutter
80 mm with Cutter


The CAPD347 thermal printer combines reliability with efficient handling. With its wide print size and integrated auto-cutter, it is ideal for all tasks in the hospitality business.
72 mm printing width ~ 1 mio. cuts 36 characters per line
80 mm Dprinter with cutter
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Innovative ideas.

Clever implementation.

The QMP 6000’s adjustable operator display in combination with the clear customer display maximizes work efficiency and minimizes transaction errors. The revised operating concept ensures faster input and less waiting time for customers.

Versatile interfaces.

Support for all POS accessories.

Each QMP 6000 cash register is equipped with multiple interfaces for all standard cash register applications: 2 x RS232-5V (RJ45), 3 x USB 2.0 type A, 1 x USB 2.0 type B, 1 x LAN, 1 x RJ11-24V.
The rear indented interface area allows for tidy cable management. The USB interface on the side enables quick data exports and data backups during daily business. In addition, the QMP 6000 has an internal USB interface for the connection of safety-relevant components such as technical safety devices or fiscal modules.

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Flat keyboard

Raised keyboard

Thermal printer

58 mm with cutter

58 mm without cutter

80 mm with cutter

Cash drawers

C4141 (24V)

E3540 (24V)




ARM Cortex-A9 400 MHz

Working memory


System memory


Operator display

Multi-line LCD display

Resolution: 192 x 64 pixel

blue backlight

Alignable from 0 – 65 degrees

Customer display

Multi-line LCD display

Resolution: 192 x 32 pixels

blue backlight

Operating system

LINUX with QMP (QUORiON Multi Purpose) software

QMP refers to the QUORiON POS software. It is pre-installed on all cash registers. QMP offers numerous sought-after features for a wide range of industries.  It even allows for hybrid business models such as restaurants with a merchandise store.


58 mm

with cutter

58 mm

without cutter

80 mm

with cutter


Raised keyboard

112 keys

Flat keyboard

128 keys



2 x RS232-5V (RJ45)


Type A: 2 x USB 2.0

Type B: 1 x USB 2.0


1 x 100 MBit

Cash drawer

1 x RJ11-24V

Operating conditions

Power supply

100-240 V AC, 2.5 A (external)


2.0 kg

Operating temperature

0°C – + 40°C

Storage temperature

-20°C – + 60°C



External thermal printer

QPrint Thermal 5

Barcode scanner

QScan 3

Cash drawer

C4141 (24V)

E3540 (24V)