Table-Side Ordering App - QOrder

Mirrors the interface of the QMP POS software for easy entry.
Relays orders directly to the kitchen or bar.

QOrder - Android App for table side ordering in restaurants
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Value of Table-Side Ordering

You are searching for a reliable, modern, portable ordering system for your restaurant, but do not wish to spend a small fortune?

You aim to maximize customer satisfaction through efficient service, but expect a completely seamless integration between your POS system and hand held ordering devices?

You hope to increase your revenue with highly organized service staff to take care of clientele, but require the same order and payment functionality for your hand held devices as you would for your POS systems?

You wish to boost productivity through wireless technology and the reduction of idle service time, but need to rely on advanced, secure data communication to achieve your goals?

You aspire to reduce cost and increase table turnover through immediate payment processing at the table, but demand uncomplicated integration with your point of sale equipment?

QUORiON has the solution: The QOrder App for Android.

QUORiON’s QOrder is a hardware independent portable ordering system that runs the complete QMP POS software on Android devices. Essentially, it serves as an extension / mirror of your QUORiON POS system within your restaurant. Pick the Android device that best suits your business, whether it’s a 4“ cell phone or 10“ tablet! Buy a license for each device, install the application, and register. Done.

Best of all, if you are familiar with the QMP POS software, there is no need for you to re-learn anything, because you will already know how to use it.

Save on equipment investments. Save on installation costs. Bust lines. Maximize productivity.

How Does Your Restaurant Benefit from a Portable Ordering System?

It allows your service team to better coordinate its effort and places the emphasis back on its clientele. Fast ordering, quick service, and happy customers are your key benefits. As a result, you literally profit from time saved on communication, fewer service trips by staff, greater table turn over, and repeat visits.

The waiter no longer approaches the table with his note pad, but rather with the QOrder hand held device. He enters order information on the touch screen and then sends it to the kitchen in real time for processing.

Meanwhile, your POS system receives the sales information for later billing. While the waiter discusses menu options with the customer, the drink runners are already processing orders he entered, making it possible for beverages to arrive before the waiter leaves the table. QOrder utilizes WIFI to easily reach to your most remote corner spot in your establishment. Once the guests wish to leave, the waiter prints the receipt out on his belt printer and processes payment with the handheld unit much like he would on the POS system.

  • Modern Software for Mobile Devices (App)
    • Easy to install, no special know-how required
    • Complete QMP POS software implementation for Android OS
    • Auto-Synch prices and configuration data from POS systems
    • No training time required for a separate ordering system
    • State-of-the-art and intuitive touch screen interface
  • Hardware-Independent
    • Runs on all smartphones and tablet with Android OS version 1.6 and higher
    • Independently buy platform that best suits your business needs
    • Large display, long battery life
    • Simple, intuitive, low cost of ownership
    • Elegant, smooth design, yet sturdy for everyday use
  • Utilization of World-Wide Accepted WIFI Standards
    • Operates with standardized PC components such as router and access point
    • Components of ordering system are available everywhere
    • Worry-free integration with existing LAN/WLAN networks
    • Seamless integration between device and POS system

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