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Salon POS Systems

The combination of QUORiON POS
hard- and software delivers a complete
POS solution for hair salons & spas.

Available POS Hardware
Salon POS systems

From small boutiques to networked, multi-regional chain salons, QUORiON salon POS solutions provide you with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use touch screen driven interface to streamline salon operations, improve customer service, and maximize profits.

All QUORiON POS systems come with the QMP software pre-installed.

Manage virtually all types of salons – either in form of a stand-alone system or WAN linked chain of stores. The QMP POS software supports both scenarios. Moreover, the tremendous user experience coupled with the secure embedded POS hardware, allows even those with limited PC experience to start serving your clients almost immediately. This saves you critical time and training costs, thereby addressing the high employee turn-over rate often found in the industry. With the QMP software's powerful reporting tools you can also quickly capture and analyze critical business data. Irrespective of size, turnover, or the way you run your hair salon, QUORiON salon POS solutions let you stay in control of your business.

Specific Salon Features & Benefits

  • Independent Sign-On of Stylists - Cashier and user sign on independently. User do not require access to cash register in order to calculate revenue. This makes separate commission calculations possible.
  • Different Stylists on One Receipt - You can switch users during a transaction. This allows for a separation of duties such as washing, styling, and drying. This also makes separate commission calculations possible.
  • Detailed Reports by Stylists - You can call up reports on different stylists and users in order to evaluate the performance of each.
  • Staff Discounts - Makes discounts available to staff and improves motivation.
  • Vouchers - Vouchers, coupon can be maintained by the CR. The CR will save all coupons and check the validity. Automatic coupon system increases security and protects from abuse.
  • Commission Rate - Based on independent sign-on. Stylists and users receive different commission rates. Allows you to allocate more to your best staff or by experience.
  • Plus General QMP POS Software - Next to salon specifics, you benefit from the numerous other POS functions QMP offers!

Recommended POS Systems for Salons

QMP 2000
salon cash registers

The pinnacle of cash register evolution. Includes modern processors & interfaces. Customize your ECR from a variety displays, keyboards & printers.

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QTouch 8
Salon POS systems

Minimal foot print & light weight make this all-in-one POS system ideal for salons. Touch screen makes all salon services directly available during checkout.

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QTouch 10
All-in-one POS systems for salons

Complete POS system out of the box. Includes printer, touch screen, customer display, and POS software. Get your salon started virtually over night.

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