What is POS Software? What Does POS Software Do?

POS software is the most crucial ingredient in processing customers and is the number one price driver, when it comes to POS systems. Without extensive functionality and customization options, you could never program your POS system to fit your exact business needs. To illustrate, POS software provides the means to manage tables graphically on screen, process refunds, corrections, discounts, and simultaneous transactions. Essentially, it provides the creativity to run your business along with rudimentary tasks such as managing PLU attributes, pricing, receipt design, and chargeable taxes.

One can divide POS software features into different functional groups such as retail, restaurant (restaurants/hotels), and bakery management. Moreover, it can furnish specific features for hair salons, dry cleaners, hotels, taxes, or specialty fonts as well as supply back office functions. When it comes to selecting your POS system, it is absolutely critical that you receive the features you need to run and improve your business operations. You are not buying hardware alone, but rather a complete POS system to help you reach your goals.

Lastly, POS software provides the means to generate detailed reports on your business activities and performance. Report customization is vital for you to retrieve exactly what you want from your sales data, so you can take the appropriate action.

Cash registers rely on software to supply functionality as well. Although, compared to POS systems, the features are generally more restricted, due to limited processing power and memory. We recommend factoring in the size and complexity of your business, when making a purchasing decision.

QUORiON POS Software

The QUORiON POS Software (QMP) delivers on all the above mentioned points and offers much more. We have spent countless hours perfecting our software, incorporating features from clients all over the world. As a result, the POS software that comes with your QMP or POS system can handle a diverse field of applications.

QMP stands for QUORiON multi-purpose, because it offers functions for almost every type of sales management. You can therefore rest assured that your investment in a QUORiON POS solution will pay for itself quickly and help you streamline your transaction processing. Furthermore, it will open up new operational possibilities such as graphical table management, data sharing, and mobile ordering on terraces, for instance.

Come take a closer look and discover how the QMP POS software can help your business today! Browse through the features, find out what they mean, what they do, and how you stand to gain from them.

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