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QUORiON has steadily increased its market presence throughout the world by delivering versatile and solid POS solutions. We pride ourselves on our exceptional differentiation strategy that gives you, the reseller, the ability to offer your clients something unique, not to mention access to a complete point of sale product line.

But do not just take our word for it. Here is a sample on how we helped others and what they have to say about our POS systems.

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Mats Anderson


"Thanks for (as always) your quick actions regarding Boxen/Register updates. I know (well, almost) that there is no other competitors that are playing in the same league as you do. That makes my night sleep much easier! Please give my regards to your team!!!"

"First I want to congratulate you for the new QTouch 10. In my eyes it´s a blockbuster. Very good work! My favorite part is the big rear display."

John Langley

Great Britain

"I would like you to pass on my personal appreciation for all the work you have put into making the QMP the most powerful cash register I have seen in over 20 years in the trade. I am sure that some of the POWERFUL features of this cash register will enable us to maximise profits in certain applications where no other cash register can do the job. I think most dealers will not see the full potential of this cash register purely because they will not realise the speed and power of setting up the cash register with QPROG. QPROG has to be the best programming utility software ever seen in the trade!! ... Who needs the manual?! Everyone in our company can use it... We have not found a single problem with the use of this software...”

Myles Carlisle


"The depth of programming is awesome…a lot of knowledge and capability is here, eliminating the need for additional supporting processes in Hotel/Motel, Pizza and Delivery/caller id. Pool hall table rentals by the hour with bar tab all in one terminal on one ticket, reservations and sales terminal-in-one for small to medium size dinner clubs…country clubs. Sorry to go on, but this is very nice.

I love your product…It’s really feature rich. I’m impressed beyond words.

I don't know what to sell first, the impressive gear or the great QPROG software. The QUORiON package has changed my focus and will allow me to solve many issues that I've been asked about for years.“

Maria Alcalá


"We are certain that our remarkable success with the QMP50 is a direct result of the superior cost/benefit ratio. Moreover, users are equally delighted with both the elegant design and its serviceable construction. Yet, the majority of our clients and service partners love the great quality of the product. The impressive reliability leads to a quiet guarantee period with almost no malfunctions and additional service costs. In addition, our partners highly appreciate the short lead and delivery times they experience when working with QUORiON. This gives them enormous flexibility in managing their inventory and in reacting to changing market conditions."

Steve Lipton

Great Britain

"I*M, WIN**r, and N*R all have units that have both methods of input (touch screen & keyboard). Used mainly in supermarket and department stores. The keyboard tends to be low capacity for numerical entry and functions such as no sale and paid out/in. Rarely ever seen in the hospitality environment where quorion excell. I have installed several QUORiON units into harsh environments. They have to be the most reliable kit I have ever had experience of.

Unfortunately... If you are up against C**io and Sh**p in a sales pitch you will have an uphill struggle because of their strong brand name, and that is unfortunate as you will have a superior product with QUORiON. I know because I have sold and serviced all three brands."

Jon Brewster


"In the increasingly competitive world of POS and cash registers, it is unusual to find a manufacturer willing to engage with the “pit face”. We are encouraged by the level of participation and cooperation we have found with QUORiON and their willingness to ‘step up to the plate”.

From its humble beginnings over 20 years ago in Sydney Australia, we have represented and sold most of the major brands including some from Europe. Some have simply priced themselves out of the market and others have failed to keep up with technology.

Our customers logically depend on us to provide a solution and in turn we must rely on the manufacturer to provide us with answers when we encounter a problem. Traditionally in Australia the only contact we have is through an agent or worse yet, a “third party” software developer of “back office’ solutions that attempt to enhance the functionality of the cash register or terminal.

Our experience with QUORiON is a “breath of fresh air” and with their assistance we have recently provided an integrated EFTPOS solution for their complete range of product that will allow us to engagage with an expanding and demanding market. We have direct assistance from their support department and get a timely response to our requests. With many units in the “outback” it is important that we offer a robust solution that can be supported easily and quickly without the need to visit the site.

QUORiON wins hands down."

Warren Nelson


"Outstanding. Your POS systems offer everything a business needs…Compared to other producers your business practices are very refreshing."

Christian Ødegaard


"...We have to sell out the remaining table-side ordering equipment we have on stock before we change to QOrder. It looks like your solution will “kill” the other products! The exhibition was once again a success for us, and we have already sold several QUORiON Touch machines."

Jan-Olof Svensson


"I have just received the new QT-10. Donnerwetter! Looks perfect. Works perfect. I’m impressed...This will be a success!"

Kurt Berchtold


-"The trade show was a success. The QTouch 10 makes a great impression. Our staff feels that we’ll have great success selling this POS system model. I’ll call you tomorrow."

Joe Kilchmann


“We have completed several client installs of QOrder. Our experiences so far has been most certainly positive. We’re using the Archos 5. It’s fits well into the hand and works fast. We have not experienced any issues with battery time. We have been pleasantly surprised by the WiFi range of the device and there have been no complaints. The overhead for the setup has been minimal compared to the other portable ordering device manufacturer from Switzerland.

One has to recognize that the tablet devices, which have been made for world wide use, have superior quality. The expected failures and problems will be the same as for any portable ordering device such as scratched glass, pushed in touch screens, and broken screens from falls, etc – even for the so called industrial strength ones. We see QOrder and the Android tablet as equals to the established players, even though the solution is different. We’re hopeful that through market competitiveness we’ll have an increased acceptance of the Android tablets as table-side ordering devices. Overall the QOrder solution is the right step for QUORiON towards clients and the future.”

David Hauptfleisch

South Africa

"We have just tested the new Release of Qprog version 2.04. This software now has Stock Control included. We are very impressed and would like to compliment QUORiON on this new development. It is FANTASTIC."


Susan Fuller

Belize belize

“You will be pleased to know that we have deployed our first Q-touch 10 customer here in Belize. We anticipate robust sales hereafter as the customer is quite pleased with the product and has offered that we use them for any referrals or for potential customers to visit.”

H. Boutaleb

Morocco morocco

"After three years of partnership with your company QUORION I can say that we are very satisfied with your products and I can also add the love of my technicians, who install your products."


Karina Both-Peckham, Peckham's House

Germany Germany

"The perfect POS system. User friendly. Spill proof. Small foot print and thereby easily installed in the smallest areas. The QTouch 8 resides in our coffee shop for over a year now and has withstood every water splash without effect. The operation with the touch screen is intuitive, clear, and easy to handle. Even during peak hours I can work quickly. The POS system makes quick and easy transaction entries possible at any time. The reporting simplifies the end of day and saves valuable time. The QTouch 8 is a completely reliable POS system and we are extremely happy with our choice."

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