Comparison: Cash Registers vs POS Systems

Both a POS system and an electronic cash register are absolutely essential for a store's smooth check out. POS systems are ideal for larger stores and chains, whereas the cash register shines in smaller shops and business, where advanced features are simply not required. You should keep in mind that the best POS solution depends on your business and its requirements.

Glance over key issues you should consider, when evaluating a POS purchase.

Key Cash Register Benefits

  • Stores money efficiently and securely
  • Improves efficiency and transaction processing
  • Low initial investment
  • Low learning curves as functions are straight forward and simple
  • gets you started quickly
  • Satisfies tax regulations in fiscal countries
  • Fewer components – all-in-one – printer, keyboard, display
  • Producer assumes full responsibility for the entire product, including software
  • Secure – no dangers of virus infection or common PC problems
  • Small foot print and power consumption
  • Basic functions and reporting – covers the basics

Key POS System Benefits

  • Adds more value that will cover its initial cost
  • Handles greater product volumes
  • Makes complex business logic possible
  • Provides more management possibilities of your daily operations such as sales tracking, refunds, time clocks, menus, pricing, revenue maximization, etc
  • Provides advanced functionalities such as reservation and table management for restaurants, hotels, bars, and any business in the food service industry
  • Realizes enhanced savings with greater efficiency
    • Delivers better workflow for staff
    • Improves customer service and increases customer through-put
    • Easily manage large numbers of customers and groups
    • Allows restaurant businesses to combine multiple services into a single invoice (hotel room, meals, events, services)
    • Graphical management of store assets such as table, rooms, bar, etc
  • Delivers superior reporting and analysis features
  • Streamlines inventory management
  • Back Office integration

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