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Top 10 Reasons to Consider QUORiON

  • Easy to train staff - Use menu lead through and image buttons. This makes it far easier and faster to identify sales items, while browsing lists on the touch screen.
  • Floating clerks - During sales transactions, it's easy to log on staff, while receipts are open and modified. This means 2 clerks or more can log into the POS system and as soon as they do, their current transaction appears with all the sales items. When the next clerk logs in, the system will display his transaction instead and he can continue adding items, where he left off. Same goes for anyone else, who was working on the POS system.
  • Supports kitchen monitors - These are screens in the kitchen that show all the entered orders. We commonly see this in QSRs, so staff knows which orders are next and need to be filled. Once the order is complete, the attendant can mark it as complete and it disappears from the list.
  • Menus for food combinations - You can set up French menus, where you can include a full course meal with various food selections at a fixed price. Moreover, you can create your own courses to sell at discounts.
  • Pizza and sandwich building function - in the restaurant industry this is referred to as condiment tables. Here you setup "side" dishes to create a meal. Likewise, you can use it to create pizzas with toppings or sandwiches.
  • Automatic ingredient deduction from stock - This comes in handy, when calculating promotions and you want to make sure to offer the most competitive price or ensure you are still profitable. Once the ingredients for an item are set, any sale of said item will automatically deduct the associate ingredients from your inventory.
  • Foreign language kitchen printing - A great feature for ethnic food restaurants. You can setup the printers in the kitchen to print out order receipts in your staff's native language, while receipts print in English for customers. So for instance, in a Chinese fast food restaurant, the receipts come out in Chinese for the cooks to complete the orders.
  • Couponing & promotions - Present a great way to increase revenue. You can print bar code coupons on receipts, which customers can bring back another day for your to scan and offer discounts for repeat purchases. In addition, you can program promotions that automatically take effect without having to change the price for each item.
  • Track sales data - QUORiON POS systems offer a number of configurable reports that you can tailor to analyze the numbers you wish to scrutinize the most. This type of insight allows you to stay on top of your business and take action, when required.
  • USB backup - One of our favorites. Take advantage of guaranteed system restore within minutes. Try that with a PC or cloud POS! Even images take a while to restore. With QUORiON you just plug in the FLASH drive with your backup and the system restores your data within a few minutes. With Macros you can program automatic, time dependent backups, so you can set and forget it.

QSR POS Systems by QUORiON

Built for speed, efficiency, and reliability. QUORiON produces POS systems you can rely on during peak periods, when customers clamor for food at your QSR.

Learn more about what these features accomplish and how they help your fast food restaurant.

In addition, the QMP POS software offers you complete freedom in configuring your QUORiON POS system, which allows you to tailor the POS system to your exact QSR needs.

Analyze critical sales reports. Improve control via built-in POS processes. Cleverly manage orders. Elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

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