Best POS Systems for Bars -
10 Great Reasons to Choose QUORiON

  • Cocktails with recipes & ingredients
  • Spill-proof touch screen
  • Volume calculations (i.e. half and double pint)
  • Tabs
  • Beverage dispenser integration
  • Quick & uncomplicated ordering (floating clerks, one-touch ordering, menus)
  • Time based pricing (i.e. happy hour specials)
  • Inventory stock control with automatic ingredient deductions
  • Employee access & cash control
  • THE EXCHANGE integration (auction based drink pricing to increase revenue)

QUORiON POS Systems for Bars or Night Clubs

Whether your establishment is a busy stand-up bar, offers table service, or is a combination of both, QUORiON stands ready to assist your business with a selection of POS hardware to choose from. Find out out more in our food service POS section.

In addition to the advantages listed above, the included QMP POS software allows you to completely customize many operating parameters to suit your business preference. Combine that with the QOrder table-side ordering App and see your customer service reach new levels of satisfaction with less staff!

Cleverly manage orders/tables. Design new drinks with ingredients. Automate inventory control. Reduce shrinkage and fraud. Elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

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