Best Boutique POS
Top 10 Features a Boutique POS System Should Provide

  • Clerk cash declaration / monitored pay-ins & pay-outs
  • Scanning & bar code support
  • Stock control with automatic deduction upon sale
  • Promotions & couponing
  • Mobile POS device support for line busting
  • Mix and Match functionality
  • Configurable sale reports
  • Loyalty system support
  • Multiple payment type support
  • Forced price entry to open drawer

POS Systems for Boutiques

Boutiques carry many specialty items. QUORiON produces POS systems you can trust to handle a diverse product range with different characteristics.

Discover how these and more features help your boutique.

Further, the QMP POS software offers you complete freedom in configuring your QUORiON POS system, which allows you to tailor the POS system to your individual needs.

Analyze detailed sales reports. Improve control and organization. Monitor staff. Enhance revenue.

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