Best POS Software -
10 Reasons Why You Should Consider QMP

  • Developed with 25 years of POS experience – full array of POS functions for retail stores, restaurants, and bakeries.
  • Fully customizable - you can customize virtually every POS parameter to suit your business.
  • Embedded Security – QMP handles no sensitive data. Furthermore, the embedded OS supplies built in resistance to malware. NAND FLASH stores all transaction data during crashes.
  • USB Backup – Complete system restoration from back-up on USB stick within minutes NOT hours!
  • Cost effective – included with every QUORiON POS system – no surcharge.
  • Inter-operable - Migrating from another POS system? No problem. QMP allows you to upload your product list from an Excel compatible CSV file easily. Moreover, QMP allows you to export and download your data in standard CSV format to utilize with 3party software such as back office systems.
  • Reports – Customizable reports to pull up data you need to make a difference! Even supports FTP functionality to place sales figures on an external server for central processing
  • Adjustable memory configuration - allocate POS memory to system parameters you need most such as E-Journal or number of tables for your restaurants.
  • TCP/IP & WAN – network POS systems to share information together. In addition, WAN enables access your POS anywhere. Program, retrieve configurations or sales data.
  • Android App – run full QMP Software on QOrder Android App with one QUORiON POS system – up to 8 portable devices at a time!

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