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“The solution is always simple; you just have to find it.”

— Alexander Solschenizyn —

With over two decades of experience in the cash register market and more than 70 sales regions, QUORiON customers benefit from our competence and reliability. From their first contact with us through the long-term support we provide, our customers know they’re in goods hands. QUORiON has implemented numerous special solutions over the years.
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Parking Space Management & Payment Collection

Interested in managing your parking spaces more efficiently? The QMP POS software’s parking space management makes it possible to easily and conveniently manage and collect payment for parking spaces. The POS can both print thermal paper receipts with barcodes (for short-term parkers) and process RFID transponders (for long-term parkers).
Thermal paper receipts are printed at the time of entry with a barcode, the time, date, and a receipt number. And of course, the receipts can be custom designed with ad text and logos for commercial purposes. Any possible media type can be used as a transponder, such as cards, key rings, and arm bands. The thermal paper receipt or RFID transponder is scanned when the parker leaves and their parking time is calculated. This solution allows a wide variety of intervals and maximum rates to be set for parking time.

Age Verification

In addition to many of the classic point-of-sale functions, the QMP POS software also provides the ability for operating staff to visually point out the age limit during the checkout process and ask for proof of age. To do so, a required minimum age for purchase can be recorded during item creation. As soon as this item is registered in the POS, the operator receives a prompt to check the mandatory minimum age for customers and confirm it. This can be done manually by visually checking and confirming the age via keypad entry, or fully automatically by scanning a driver’s license using the magnetic card reader on the POS system (only in USA). Meet the legal requirements for age verification with QUORiON products.

Bonus & Loyalty Program

Many businesses and restaurants have discovered that maintaining and above all, motivating existing customers with custom offers is just as crucial to their success as wooing new customers with incentive offers. In addition to plenty of options for implementing coupons and discounts, the QMP POS software also offers the ability to calculate bonus points for both retail stores and restaurants. Special functions allow bonus points to be calculated at the end of a sales transaction. The bonus points are awarded based on a pre-defined amount (e.g. 1 bonus point per €5.00 purchase value) or the number of an item or merchandise group (e.g. 1 bonus point per item purchased). Items and merchandise groups can also be excluded from bonus point calculation and the bonus program can be adapted to personal preferences and the needs of your field of business.

Time Sheet Function

Professionally recording and managing work hours is vitally important to small and medium-sized companies such as bakeries, hair salons, and cafes. The QMP POS software provides a function to easily keep track of employee work hours. It allows the hours worked by each employee – from service staff to temp workers – to be recorded and their attendance documented. All employees log into the POS at the beginning of their shift and log back out at the end. Breaks and rest periods can also be logged. The POS system stores their employee number, the business day, and the time at which work begins and ends, to the exact minute. Analysis of time sheets can be configured on a completely individual basis using the POS system’s report management.

Linking to Central Management

A shopping center, formed by businesses coming together under one roof, offers shoppers an experience akin to shopping in a department store. For individual retailers, be they restaurants, boutiques, or electronics outlet stores, this consolidation with other vendors into a shopping center means the ability to utilize the effects of synergy through mutual support. Central management is a necessity for operating this type of complex in terms of economy and technology. Our QMP POS software supports central management through an FTP interface for automatically transferring data (e.g. sales data) to a central computer. This data serves as the basis for raising store rent in many applications.