QUORiON POS solutions tailored to cosmetic & hairdressing salons

QUORiON’s tailor-made solutions combine customer management, employee control and merchandise management in a single POS system. From small hairdressers to networked supra-regional chains, QUORiON offers easy-to-learn checkout functions to optimize your work and increase sales. Regardless of the size, revenue and way you run your salon, QUORiON POS systems give you the opportunity to maintain total control over your business.

Use our special POS functions for cosmetic & hairdressing salons!

Leave personnel control to the cash register system

Like every company, a hairdressing salon needs a boss in order to always function in an orderly manner. But most of the bosses are hairdressers themselves and work in the salon. As a working boss, you are therefore faced with the challenge of guiding your own employees in their daily work by leading them, making business decisions and having to assert yourself. QUORiON POS systems offer extensive standard functions as well as industry-specific functionalities that make your everyday work easier.

Clerk change during a transaction

You can change clerks during an open receipt. This makes it possible to separate tasks such as shampooing, styling, and blow drying.

Staff discounts

You can give discounts to your staff to reward motivation or performance.

Individual clerk reports

You can individually retrieve reports on your personnel and analyze their performance, e.g. article reports for each operator.

Commission rates

Different commission rates can be programmed for different clerks or activities.

Focus on customer loyalty & marketing

The importance of digital communication for customer acquisition and positive positioning in the market is becoming increasingly important. In order to continue to be successful, it is crucial to maintain and expand the relationship with your customers. QUORiON offers various options:


Nutzen Sie das QBC Add-On Gutschein, um die an Ihrem QUORiON-Kassensystem erstellten Gutscheine filialübergreifend zu verwalten.

Advertising messages

Design your receipts with your company logo and advertising messages.

Discover our most important POS functions and find out how the QMP POS software can meet your individual needs for your cosmetic or hairdressing salon.