Cleverly Manage Your Busy Retail Store with QUORiON Retail POS Systems

QUORiON retail POS systems represent the answer to the expanding number of small to medium sized stores looking to get the best point-of-sale value.

We designed our retail POS systems with you in mind to deliver simple, customizable, and efficient solutions that help your business succeed.

QUORiON retail POS systems deliver extensive tools, so you can customize the interface to your liking. You benefit from a complete retail solution with highlights such as stock control, employee work time tracking, barcode printing, cash oversight, scales, and scanning. You can also offer special discounts and customized promotions to your customers. Sought-after features such as loyalty system, cloud reporting, and customer account management will give you the edge you need.

Achieve new levels of checkout proficiency, expand efficient automation, and enhance customer retention. Learn more below.

Use barcodes to speed-up your workflows

Our QMP POS software offers extensive options to facilitate your daily workflows through barcodes. Whether you use barcodes to simplify your inventory or simply speed up your transaction process, QUORiON retail POS systems can help you achieve your goals.

Create PLU labels

Save yourself time! Generate and print PLU based labels in different sizes with the “Label-Factory” QBC Add-On (cloud back-office software). A mouse click is all it takes.

Article maintenance

Create articles with PLU numbers and several barcodes. Maintain your article inventory quickly and easily with a barcode scanner. Check out the QScan 3 barcode scanner to assist you with this task.

Special barcode

Create individual barcodes for self-manufactured products, which you can manage independently from other product types in your store.

Self-service concepts

Give your customers the opportunity to shop individually and according to their needs.  Ease your staff with these point of sale features:


  • Deposit returns and generate associated receipts directly at the POS terminal
  • Redeem deposit receipts from reverse vending machines
    • i.e. drop in your empty, used bottles to get a receipt with a barcode, which you can then redeem at the POS terminal.
  • Scan price labels generated by self-service scales at the POS terminal

Simplify pricing

In light of intense competition, the right price policy remains decisive for the success or failure of retail stores. Modern retailers need flexible solutions to keep prices competitive, while automating the pricing process. This is exactly where QUORiON’s retail POS system features come into play.

Price management

Change your article prices automatically for pre-defined events (i.e. operator change).

Special discounts

Give your customers various discounts and special deals on your products (i.e. 3 items at the price of 2 or 2 items at a special price).

Loyalty system

Stores customer data and tracks how often the client has purchased from you. You can reward clients for repeat purchases from your store. This helps retain and satisfies clients by providing them with discounts for shopping loyalty.

You can set up loyalty systems with total volume spent discounts or assign bonus points for purchases. Track customer accounts with magnetic store cards or customer IDs. Learn more here.

Cross- & upsell

Allows you to generate additional sales by offering supplemental goods or more expensive ones in the same category, but at a lower price.

Price control

Control your item prices without a transaction via keystroke or barcode scanner.

Easy master data & inventory management

QUORiON retail POS systems ensure that you always have the right products in stock at the right time.  Keep your customers satisfied and help them find everything they are looking for. Track your metrics on a continuous basis to identify trends. Use those insights to make better decisions. Optimize your entire operation from warehouse to point-of-sale.

Stock control

Link sales items with stock items in your POS system and automatically keep your inventory in check.

Inventory function

With the inventory functions of our QBC back-office software, you save time on complex warehouse management tasks.

Take command!

Tightly control and track every process in your store from warehouse to point-of-sale.

Branch control

Collect information from all your branches and POS systems with our QBC back-office solution. Analyze data. Set prices. Add and modify master data. View and update inventory. Set-up coupons.

Cash controlling

  • Clerk Cash Declaration
    • All clerks need to count their money in drawer before they are allowed to run the Z-report.
    • There is no way for a clerk to manipulate the in drawer amount, because the clerk needs to count and enter the real value.
  • Forced Price Entry to Open Drawer
    • Zero prices are not allowed.
    • There is no possibility to open the drawer without a valid sales transaction.
  • Monitored Pay-in And Pay-Outs
    • All PO/RA are recorded in the reports.
    • There will be a detailed report of the quantities and amounts of PO/RA.

Entry of employee work times

All clerks need to log-on, when they start. Likewise, they need to log-off, when they stop working. It will be possible to calculate the total work time for wages slips or commissions. The POS system provides an easy to use and reliable attendance clock.

Tech for the modern retailer

Flexible data accessibility is now the name of the game. The retail sector has seen this over the past few years with increased options for mobile work. QUORiON retail POS systems make the complete digitalization of your store possible by leveraging networks and the cloud.

POS network

Share all sales and management information on your POS network and share peripherals such as printers and payment devices with multiple POS terminals.

Cloud based back-office software

With our hosted QBC back-office solution you can combine central master data administration with flexible branch control.

Customize and format all kinds of reports to your liking.  Drill down in detail as far as you wish to get key insights.

Set prices. Create universal coupons. Manage inventory.

You can even use your smartphone camera as a warehouse scanner to add new items or quantities.  Then, send over the information to all your POS systems across branches.


A large number of third-party products are integrated with QUORiON retail POS systems, including scales for butchers or fruit and vegetable traders. The calculated weight can be transferred directly to the POS system for price determination.  You can also use it as a comparative value for the subsequent inspection of weighed and labelled articles. We have certified the proper integration to our point-of-sale products throughout Europe with the Physical Technical Federal Institution (PTB).

CCTV integration

Overlay transactional data onto closed circuit TV/video. Allows you to record what goes on near the POS system and what was purchased at that time instance. Promotes security, supervision, and training.

Looking to buy a new POS system for your store?  Check out more great features with our retail POS system infographic.