Master Your Busy Hospitality Business with QUORiON Restaurant POS Systems

Whether you run a quick service restaurant, a table based restaurant, or a coffee shop, your customers will always insist on a convenient and consistent service. This is where QUORiON restaurant POS systems help you.

Our hospitality POS systems come with an intuitive touch screen interface, which offers table layouts, menu structures, and button customization. Create fully interactive table layouts to fit the interior of your restaurant. Color codes show the status of a table and show information about it – see which tables are open or closed plus those that the service staff has neglected. Skillfully manage all tables to increase operating efficiencies and maximize customer turn-over. Separate / combine tables, reopen them, or transfer balances fast and easy. You can also automatically transfers all active sales data per customer to any point of sale system in your restaurant. Share information and devices over a network to remain as nimble as your business requires.

Take advantage of the following restaurant specific POS features…

Save time & reduce cost with beverage dispensers

Beverage dispensers are not exclusively used to serve beer.  Systems for serving soft drinks, wine, schnapps, cocktails or coffee are also finding ever wider areas of application.  For this reason, we have connected various beverage dispensers to our POS systems.

Credit procedure

Register the beverage order with the POS system and then tap exactly this amount on the beverage dispenser.

Debit procedure

Tap the drinks with the beverage dispenser and have the quantities automatically registered on the POS system.

Dispensing assistants

Use “smart” systems in conjunction with QUORiON products to optimize the flow rate or convert your beverage dispenser to a self-service system.

Respond to your customers’ special requests

The customer is king and is always right!  QUORiON restaurant POS systems give you all the tools you need to offer customized service.

Modifiers & condiments

Create options for items, which can then automatically open on-screen selection windows during an order entry (i.e. how a steak should be cooked: rare, medium, well done).

Pizza toppings

Makes special toppings available. Have the POS system ask for special toppings. Guides the operator automatically, eliminates order errors, increases revenue.

Side dishes

Side dishes that are typically served as a supplement to meat or fish meals.  The customer usually orders and pays for these in addition to the main meal.  The hospitality POS prints these inserts with price information on the kitchen and POS receipt.

Kitchen information

General information that a waiter can pass on to the kitchen. These can be pre-defined or entered manually.

Course entries

Functions for fine-dining to manage multi-course dinner sequences:


  • Menu creation: Creates multi-course menus. Incl. option to do French menus also.
  • Course information: Automatically sorts and prints registered items according to course. Allows staff to serve dishes to a table at the same time.
  • Course management (Hold & Fire): Waiters enter items from a multi-course menu in a queue and then subsequently print these on the kitchen printer.

Coordinate your kitchen & service effectively

In order to run a successful hospitality business, the proper coordination with kitchen and service is a must.  It requires a smooth flow of information between these 2 areas. QUORiON restaurant POS systems and accessories makes this easy.

Kitchen printer & kitchen display monitors

The reliable QPrint Thermal 5 printer makes kitchen order management efficient.  Add a kitchen display monitor from MicroPlus to show staff current orders.

Kitchen ticket layout

Customize your kitchen slips (QSC is required).

Multilingual kitchen tickets

Ring up items in your native language and automatically print kitchen receipts in the language of your chef (i.e. Chinese).

Receipt routing

Automatically send food orders to the kitchen printer and drinks to the bar.  Define backup kitchen printers in the event of an error or use the re-routing function to manually send items to special kitchen printers.

QOrder app

The Android table-side ordering app allows your waiters to take orders without going to the POS system.  The waiter can concentrate on customers, while drinks already process at the bar and arrive.  This speeds up the processing time, increases customer satisfaction, and saves costs, because less staff can handle the work load.

Manage your tables in an organized way

“Are you paying together or separately?”  Almost every visit to a bar or restaurant ends with this question.  This often results in a complicated breakdown of the table’s guest checks.  The result – lengthy processes that no restaurant owner can afford.   QUORiON restaurant POS systems cut this down to size.

Seat numbers

Enter items for individual seats of a table and create separate receipts (all together, separately or in groups) with the touch of a button.

Table assignments

Assigns tables to individual waiters.  Other waiters will not be able to book to tables outside of their assignments.  Facilitates the creation of a sophisticated commission system.

Guest check floating

Automatic data synchronization of all table bookings in your POS network – reliable and in real time.

Guest check splitting

Print separate partial guest checks, if individual guests want to pay, while others are still staying.

Transfer function

Separate or combine tables and transfer the booked items quickly and easily to other tables or locations within your restaurant (i.e. bar to table).

Graphical table maps

Create fully interactive table plans that fit the interior design of your restaurant.  Upload images of floor plans and move tables to exact locations on plan.

Stay flexible with your pricing

Use the various POS functions for time-based price management.  Design your pricing policy to reflect seasons or times of day.  Address specific target groups or highlight special items for your guests.

Happy hour pricing

Define automatic discounts at specific times or on specific days of the week.

Event pricing

Turn your bar into a stock exchange with “The Drink Exchange”.  Food and drink prices change constantly depending on what your customers buy.  The current prices are displayed on a monitor – this is interactive for your customers and at the same time an effective tool for promoting sales.

Build long-term customer relationships

Professional customer retention programs and customer loyalty are becoming increasingly important factors for restaurant success. QUORiON offers flexible and powerful tools for managing your customer base and strengthening your customer relationships. These can include bonus point programs, frequent buyer rewards, loyalty cards, etc.

Customer management

Create customer accounts with relevant information such as name, address, individual discounts, or collected bonus points.

Delivery management

Retrieve the order history of your customers manually, via magnetic card or scan code and generate new orders automatically.

RFID transponder

Use RFID transponders in conjunction with our restaurant POS systems to implement cashless payment (i.e. in company cafeterias).

Phone number transfer

Accept orders with Caller-ID modules. When a call is received, the customer address and other customer data are determined and processed directly by the POS system. If the caller is not yet known, he or she is added as a new customer.

Take command!

Take full control of your restaurant operation and its success today! Gather insights from your team, inventory/ingredients, and sales. Get a snapshot of all your locations.

Waiter cash declaration

All waiters need to count their money in the drawer before they are allowed to do the Z-report. There is no way for the clerks to manipulate the drawer amount, because they need to count and input the real value. You, as the shop owner, get full control over the money in drawer. It will stop tampering and falsification.

Entry of employee work times

All waiters need to logon, when they begin and log off, when they stop working. Calculates the total working time for wages, slip, or commission. Easy to use and reliable attendance clock.

Waiter hand-over reports

Track revenue that each waiter generates and deduct associated tips. Shows the amount, which the waiter must submit. Thanks to the Time-in-Attendance feature, you can also calculate the appropriate wages to the waiter. Easily tracks your best employees and ensures accurate reporting of all revenue.

Multi-location management

Use QBC, QUORiON’s cloud based back-office software. Conveniently manage your restaurant POS systems across locations with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Track inventory quantity, amount, minimum, and cost price for each article. Deduct ingredients from storage. This saves management and staff time. Eliminates bottle necks. Provides clear insight into profit structure.

Download the restaurant point of sale system infographic for your reference today!