Accelerated workflows in laundry service with QUORiON POS solutions

QUORiON POS systems offer everything you need for an optimally organized business in the textile care sector. In addition to cross-sector cash register functions such as customer administration, order and delivery management and reporting, the QMP cash register software provides special functions for laundries, textile service companies and dry cleaners.

Use our special POS functions for laundries & dry cleaners!

Save time with automatic number assignment

Whether you run a small cleaning operation as a two-man business or an industrial laundry with several hundred employees, the processes must be right. In the QMP POS software, registrations are automatically assigned to a specific ticket number. At the end of the transaction, the POS system automatically saves the current registration under the next free ticket number. As soon as the customer picks up his or her items again and the process is completed, the ticket number becomes freely usable again for the next registration. Therefore, there is no need to manually search for free ticket numbers.

Rely on durable paper rolls

QUORiON POS systems all support a special printing format for Hydrofix paper. This allows you to print waterproof and washable labels directly at registration via the cash register system. The labelled textiles can be assigned exactly to the pick-up slip and therefore to your customer.

Design your receipts individually

Adapt the design of your documents to your individual needs. Print special product information, add barcodes, or create your own receipts with a promotional message or company logo.

Don’t forget any open posts

QUORiON cash register functions also support you in accounting. Print out all unpaid registrations as reports directly with the POS system and check all open transactions at a glance.

Discover our most important POS functions and learn how the QMP POS software can meet your individual needs for your laundry or dry-cleaning business.