How Do QUORiON POS Systems Help Your Bakery?

With years of input from our sales partners and bakery owners alike, QUORiON bakery POS systems cater to your exact needs. Take advantage of features that save you time plus money. QUORiON POS systems emphasize low cost of ownership, process improvements, and flexibility.

Our bakery POS solutions present the ideal choice for bakery businesses that do not want to invest in expensive server systems, but nonetheless wish to stream-line their work flows. They help you proactively manage orders, receipts, baking lists, and accounts. Moreover, they store many info services for quick access to PLU#s, prices, and descriptors.

With the assistance of a touch screen, you gain further work flow enhancements via the menu driven order entry. You receive a professional bakery management solution at the fraction of the cost you would ordinarily pay for competing products in the industry.

Despite the low cost of ownership QUORiON bakery systems remain scalable even on the day you decide to expand your business.

Check out the highlights below.

Elevate your customer service

The success of a bakery depends on the customer experience – both on the service and baked goods side. Great customer service is an essential part of everyday business. QUORiON offers several features to increase sales and elevate customer service.

Orders & deliveries

With the QUORiON back-office add-on, “Orders & Deliveries”, you can manage your bakery’s supplier orders or customer orders.  Likewise, if you operate a chain of bakeries, you will be able to get a quick order summary of all your locations.

Customized order entry

Manage your customer orders directly at the point-of-sale. Register ordered items and choose between delivery or pick-up. Save the delivery date and time directly on the POS terminal.

Price/weight info system

Makes quick customer price inquiries possible. Check the price/weight of articles without ordering just to see how much it costs. Your customer can check prices before buying.

Bonus program

Take advantage of the numerous customer loyalty functions offered by our point-of-sale system, such as promotional discounts, customer cards or loyalty programs.

Manage peak hours and holidays

Especially at lunchtime or on Sundays, when your bakery is open for business, the crowds are usually large. At that time, it will become necessary for several employees to access a POS system at the same time. With the floating clerk feature of the QMP software this is no problem at all. It’s as easy to “serve” a customer as it is to temporarily suspend (park) the current sales process.

Inform your customers about ingredients

In many countries, legislation requires that food service businesses (i.e. snack bars, bakeries, butchers) inform consumers about ingredients that can potentially cause an allergic reaction. Our QMP software offers features for article-related storage of allergens and additives. The POS system can directly show this information during a sales transaction and print as required.

Improve controlling

Bakeries repeatedly experience irregularities in payment transactions. With the built-in security and information functions of the QMP software, it is possible for business owners to manage their branches effectively and monitor them at the same time.

Cash controlling

  • Clerk Cash Declaration
    • All clerks need to count their money in drawer before they are allowed to run the Z-report.
    • There is no way for a clerk to manipulate the in drawer amount, because the clerk needs to count and enter the real value.
  • Forced Price Entry to Open Drawer
    • Zero prices are not allowed.
    • There is no possibility to open the drawer without a valid sales transaction.
  • Monitored Pay-in And Pay-Outs
    • All PO/RA are recorded in the reports.
    • There will be a detailed report of the quantities and amounts of PO/RA.

Entry of employee work times

All clerks need to log-on when they start and log-off, once they stop working. The POS system will calculate the total work time for wages, slip, or commission. It provides an easy to use and reliable attendance clock.

In-house & take-out hospitality

Use the automatic tax switchover for sales transactions that prescribe different tax rates, such as in Germany (in-house 19%, take-out 7%).

Expand in-bakery services

As your bakery grows, you will want to consider adding additional services to address your customer needs. Or choose to differentiate your bakery from the get-go.

Bar codes & scales for shop-in-shop applications

Run additional shops-in-shop such as a terrace operations, a small restaurant, a grocery section, etc.  Consider supplemental offers and expansion possibilities. Take advantage of additional revenue opportunities.

In-store advertising display (CD 701)

Aside from showing the transaction balance, QUORiON external POS displays show marketing information to the client during the transaction. Show receipt, ongoing POS entry, and advertising in 3 distinct areas.

Use your PC to comfortably create text and store images on the display’s memory card for later replay. The customer display draws attention to ongoing sales promotions or additional product offers to up-sell. This can increases store revenue and customer awareness.

Table-side ordering support

Enter orders directly at the table without going to the POS. Requires QOrder Android App. It speeds up the processing time, increases customer satisfaction, and saves costs, because less staff can handle more work load.

Beverage dispensers

The POS will automatically check all served drinks. If your staff serves a beverage, it will send a message to the POS. You will be able to maintain a small coffee shop with your bakery. Protects you from manipulation, fraud, and waste by staff.

Learn how QUORiON bakery POS systems can meet your individual needs in this infographic.