Successful bakery & pastry shops.
QUORiON POS solustions deliver the ingredients

QUORiON POS systems offer individual solutions for every company size, from small bakeries to large chain operations. Whether you are looking for features for bakery shops, affiliated cafés or confectioneries, our intuitive cash register systems save you time and costs in training your employees.

Use our special POS functions for bakeries & confectioneries!

Concentrate on your customer service

The success of a company depends on the satisfaction of its customers. This applies above all to the bakery industry, where customer care is an essential part of everyday business. Criteria that affect the product itself as well as customer care and retention are decisive for customer satisfaction. QUORiON offers various functions to increase sales with customers.

Orders & deliveries

With the “Orders & Deliveries” QBC add-on you can manage supplier orders or customer orders in your single shop as well as in your group of branches.

Customized order entry

Manage customer orders directly at the point of sale. Register the ordered items, choose between delivery or pick-up and save the delivery date and time directly in the cash register program.

Bonus program

Take advantage of the numerous customer loyalty functions offered by our cash register systems, such as promotional discounts, customer cards or loyalty programs.

Keep your order process under control

Especially at lunchtime or on Sundays when the bakery is open for business, the crowds are usually large. Then it is necessary for several employees to access a POS system at the same time. With the operator floating function of the QMP software, this is no problem at all. This makes it just as easy to “serve” a customer as it is to temporarily suspend (park) the current sales process.

Inform your customers about ingredients

In many countries, legislation requires that consumers of all products offered for immediate consumption (e.g. snack bars, bakeries, butchers) must be properly informed of allergens they contain. Our QMP software offers functions for article-related storage of allergens and additives. They can be displayed directly during the sales transaction and printed as required.

Make your payment transactions secure

Bakeries repeatedly experience irregularities in payment transactions. With the built-in security and information functions of the QMP software, it is possible for business owners to manage their branches effectively and monitor them at the same time.

Cash drawer control

Control the cash transactions from the cash drawer. Various options are available for this purpose:

  • Prevent the cash drawer from opening without a valid sales transaction.
  • Assign different cash drawers to different operators.
  • Configure an obligatory entry of the cash balance and therefore the obligation to cash in before the POS system executes the Z report.

Pay in & pay out control

You can use detailed reports to check the quantities and amounts of all incoming and outgoing payments on the POS system.

In-house & out-of-house hospitality

Use the automatic tax switchover for sales transactions that prescribe different tax rates, such as in Germany (in-house 19%, out-of-house 7%).

Discover our most important POS functions and learn how the QMP POS software can meet your individual needs for your bakery or confectionery business.