Germany: KassenSichV & TSE

Fiscalization in Germany

The legal requirements to prevent manipulation of electronic cash register systems are becoming more and more stringent. After the implementation of the administrative regulations of the GDPdU and GoBD in recent years, the specifications will reach a new stage with the “law for the protection from manipulations of digital basic records” starting on 01/01/2020.

Technical safety device (TSE) as of 2020

In addition to an individual recording, reporting and document issue obligation as well as the introduction of a cash register inspection, the law stipulates the connection of a certified technical security device (TSE) for electronic cash register systems, which consists of the following components:

  • Security module
  • Storage medium
  • Digital interface

The security module ensures that all tax-relevant cash register entries are logged and cannot be changed later without being recognized. The secured data is stored on the storage medium for the duration of the statutory retention period. The digital interface ensures standardized data transmission for auditing purposes.

The details of the requirements for the safety equipment are defined in the cash register security regulations (KassenSichV) and the technical guideline “BSI TR-03153” of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and must be certified by the BSI.

Compliance with legal requirements with QUORiON cash registers

QUORiON is currently working on the approval and connection of a safety device in accordance with legal requirements and will make the solution available in good time.

Documents & Programs

QUORiON products meet the legal requirements of the „Grundsätze zur ordnungsgemäßen Führung und Aufbewahrung von Büchern, Aufzeichnungen und Unterlagen in elektronischer Form sowie zum Datenzugriff (GoBD)“. Below you will find further information in the download area.


System description
Download (1,9 MB)
Part of the procedural documentation that describes the process of recording, processing, saving and evaluating data. Must be kept for the entire period of the retention period.
Download (19,3 MB)
PC program for the decoding of the data and supply in the automatically evaluable description standard of the IDEA software.
Download (1,5 MB)
Declaration of compliance with legal and tax requirements for the proper storage of documents in electronic form for data access.