Austria: RKSV

RKSV-compliant cash registers in Austria

The Austrian National Council’s decision on the Tax Reform Act 2015/2016 and the resulting Ordinance on the Security of Cash Registers (RKSV) will result in significant fiscal changes for Austrian companies that generate cash sales.

Legal Foundations

What does the RKSV require?

  • Individual obligation to record
    Since January 1, 2016, all Austrian companies are required to record their cash transactions individually.
  • Cash register requirement
    All companies with an annual turnover of more than € 15,000 and a cash turnover of more than € 7,500 are obliged to use an RKSV-compliant cash register.
  • Receipt requirement
    If a company uses a cash register, it is obliged to issue a receipt for each business transaction.

What do you need?

  • RKSV-compliant cash register
  • QUORiON Signature Module (QSM)
  • Registered smartcard (signature creation device)

How does QUORiON meet the requirements?

RKSV-compliant cash registers in conjunction with the QUORiON signature module (QSM):

  • save all cash transactions in a data entry log
  • sign all cash transactions via the QUORiON signature module with an integrated smart card
  • print all cash transactions in the form of a machine-readable code as a QR code on each individual receipt
  • store the data acquisition protocol either in the cash register’s internal memory or on an SD card
  • export the data entry log on request for archiving or checking on an external data carrier


The following QUORiON cash registers are compliant with the corresponding RKSV software version:

  • QMP 18                (from version G3161202AT)
  • QMP 50                (from version G1161202AT)
  • QMP 2000            (from version H4170214AT)
  • QTouch 8             (from version QB170308AT)
  • QTouch 10           (from version QA170308AT)
  • QTouch 12           (from version QA170308AT)
  • QTouch 15B        (from version QA170308AT)

In order to guarantee the RKSV conformity of QUORiON cash register models with older software versions, a cash register software update is necessary. QUORiON recommends that you have the cash register software update carried out by your local QUORiON dealer or service partner. Ask your retailer for an offer.

Documents & Programs

With the QUORiON Signature Module (QSM), QUORiON Data Systems GmbH offers the hardware solution for RKSV-compliant business processes! Below you will find further information in the download area.