Stock Control with QMP

The QMP POS software also provides stock control functionality for QUORiON POS systems. Stock control comes with QProg (PC program) at no additional charge. It delivers valuable tools you need to cleverly manage your items for sale, print shelf labels, track ingredients, and create order reports. With just a click of a button you can update your entire PLU database across the network. Furthermore, you gain additional insight into cost price, inventory minimum, and inventory amounts/movements.

Stock Control Features

Inventory automation saves you time and money. Discover how QMP stock control helps your business below.

  • Keeps track of stock quantity for each PLU
  • Provides additional information about cost price, inventory minimum, and inventory amount
  • Easy stock taking (add and subtract stock)
  • Create and print inventory and order reports
  • Update data base automatically by click of one button
  • Shelf label printing

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