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Value of PLU Based Labels

Looking for a way to leverage your article/PLU information from your POS system to create labels?

Look no further.

QLabel supplies the capabilities you need to import PLU data from QProg files to create, edit, and print clearly visible labels for sales items or shelves. No need to manage separate databases. Labels represent a great way to quickly bring about improved work flows in logistics and sales. In conjunction with a label printer for stickers, for example, you will quickly realize efficiency gains.

Your customized labels will speed up customer turnover as well as empower your staff to restock shelves quickly for another round of clients to drive revenue!

QLabel is a PC based program that extracts PLU data from QUORiON POS systems. It then presents the data in a format that you can easily manage on your desktop to create labels. Select what goes on your labels and format them to fit. It even automatically converts PLU data into EAN bar codes for scanning during check-out.

With QLabel all you have to do is import PLU data from QProg configuration files and you are good to go! The desktop program will then neatly organize the PLU information for you to edit. Select from a variety fields such the plu code, plu name, plu caption, plu price, department ID, or department caption to appear on your label. In addition, there are a variety of label format settings to finalize your labels and make them fit to sales items and shelves.

You also have the option to call up previous label designs to update them. Once you have the desired data and format, you can print the labels from your PC onto stickers for easy attachment.

  • File Management
    • Import data from QCC file (QProg) - plu code, plu name, plu caption, plu price, dpt id, dpt caption.
    • Import previously created QLabel settings.
    • Import previously created QLabel data (it contains all the information shown in the data grid).
    • Synchronize the information again with QProg (all data or only changed rows).
  • Label Customization
    • Creates the EAN Code per each label based on PLU code.
    • Specifies what appears on labels.
    • Sets the label size from (65 * 35 mm) to (196x120 mm).
    • Sets the margins (left and top).
    • Prints in the minimum label size, 21 labels per sheet (A4).
    • Includes special function to set information in more than one row per time (the selected rows).
  • Extras
    • Search filter per each data in the label using full match or partial.
    • Demo version allow a maximum of 5 labels.
    • Licensed version has no limit on quantity of labels.

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