POS Systems in Arabic Language

All QUORiON POS systems with designation QMP 2000, QMP 5000, and Touch now support the Arabic language. In other words, the printer and display support Arabic characters written from right to left.

Hardware Requirements

  • QMP 2000 electronic cash registers - Only displays with 8- or 16-lines can show Arabic letters. The internal customer display is always numeric. All thermal printers support Arabic scripts.
  • QTouch 12, QTouch15B, and - Arabic letters are supported in receipt and total area of the screen as well as on the buttons. The internal customer display supports alphanumeric letters, but not Arabic. The external printer can print Arabic letters, if it supports codepage 864.
    Note: The QUORiON QPrint does not support Arabic characters, you may use Bixolon SRP-350 instead.
  • QTouch 10 - fully supports Arabic language on touch screen menu as well as customer display and printed receipts.

Screen Shots & Product Images in Arabic

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