POS Networks

QMP models, embedded POS, and PC POS systems all make POS networking possible.

POS networks makes communication between POS systems possible by connecting them much like a PC network. Such networks can take the form of 1:1 connections via serial or cross over cable as well as 2 or more POS units in an IP network with a switch. Obviously the integration into your existing PC network presents no problem whatsoever.

POS systems can then share all the sales and management information.  For example, you can call up reports locally, centrally at a PC, or even in consolidated form. Naturally, we included remote management features for you also. This enables you to view data from your POS systems in the comfort of your own home. Simply dial into your off-site POS units via the Internet/WAN. Business made simple indeed!

In addition, all POS systems can share one set of peripheral devices such as printers, scales, and scanners. It is even possible for you to predefine redundant devices to handle hardware failures. In such a scenario the POS systems would simply send their data elsewhere - ideal for large restaurants and retail shops, where POS integration is absolutely essential to ensure smooth and rapid service. 

POS Network Benefits

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