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Increasingly governments enforce fiscal laws that require all tax payers, who generate sales from goods and services, to record and use an approved fiscal cash register. Countries implement such laws to make tax collection more effective and secure. The fiscal law often requires all manufacturers to include pre-defined features in their cash register software.

QUORiON has made it a top priority to produce software that addresses these needs as well. The cornerstone of the QUORiON fiscal software lies in its secure and certified reporting system. To illustrate, the fiscal program stores and sums all daily sales data for the entire lifetime of the cash register. Fiscal authorities can therefore track all the derived taxes to be paid. The cash register loses no information and every transaction remains on record.

Truly revolutionary is the QMP software's GPRS functionality, which allows your fiscal authorities to easily access sales revenue on your cash register from their office. GPRS data transfer is a mobile phone technology and is practically available almost anywhere cell phones are used. No communication lines are required. The fiscal authority simply instructs the GPRS modem to collect daily sales data from the QUORiON cash register. Once the software makes this information available, the modem sends the data to the fiscal agency's office.

As one of the world’s most prolific fiscal cash register manufacturers, we pride ourselves on giving our users peace-of-mind, when it comes to meeting their fiscal law obligations. The QMP POS software's fiscal program is the result of our tireless quest to continuously perfect the software to meet each country's unique tax laws. Tried and tested in over 15 fiscal countries around the world, the QUORiON software has answered the call to meet even the most stringent fiscal law requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Certified Software - The software is certified by your fiscal authority - Means all features are legally approved - No hassles, no worries, complete peace-of-mind for your sales taxes.
  • Fiscal Reports - Saves and sums all daily sales data - Fiscal authority has complete access to records as required by law - Submit reports to government with ease, saves time and money.
  • E-Journal/2 Station Printer/SD Card - Saves a copy of daily sales on cash register - No additional storage required - All the information for your taxes is stored right on the cash register.
  • GPRS - Transmits sales data to fiscal authorities via mobile phone technology - No data lines required and provides universal access for fiscal authorities - Process is completely automated and you do not have to transmit data manually.

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General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet oriented Mobile Data Service. GPRS provides data rates from 56 up to 114 kbit/s.

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