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Value of an E-Journal Viewer

QUORiON now offers you an Electronic Journal Viewer that quickly turns the data overflow from e-journals into useful information that you can act upon. It assists you with planning, sales campaigns, bookkeeping, and even auditing.

The QUORiON Electronic Journal Viewer is fast and easy. Import data directly via E-Journal from your cash register or via the QUORiON CSV file. Then, select filters and criteria to generate graphical charts on your sales records.

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The E-Journal Viewer is a PC based program that extracts the complete transaction data from a QUORiON POS system's electronic journal. It then presents the data in a format that you can easily analyze with various filters. Select which data is of interest and let the program graph it for you.

It's a great tool to quickly generate and visually present sales stats.

  • Provides easy & intuitive operation
  • Generates quick & efficient overview via graphical diagrams
  • Serves up low cost overview of inventory turn-over
  • Easily generates sales statistics
  • Analyzes cumulative data from multiple POS systems
  • E-Journal analysis independent of cash register configuration
  • Reports generated as graphical output (bar graphs & pie charts)
  • Analysis tools & options that cash registers cannot make available
  • Long term analysis with nearly unlimited time frame
  • Comprehensive & complete data set from E-Journal
  • PLU by day, week, or month filters
  • PLU filters (winners & losers)
  • Analysis of sales data for individual clerks/users
  • Free demo version available
  • One time charge for license, no time limits
  • Continuous development and improvement via QUORiON updates.

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