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POS systems in fiscal countries.

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Value of a Fiscal Printer

Friday evening, a time of bustling store activity and short tempers as customers do some last minute shopping before rushing home for the weekend. At times like these rapid customer turn-over is absolutely critical, if you want to maximize revenue and build customer loyalty. Moreover, your tax authority demands that you maintain a detailed record of all your transactions. Can you really afford to rely on discount printers from generic manufacturers? Hardly.

The QPrint’s usability is second to none. It places heavy emphasis on cost reduction and maximum up time. Superior printing capabilities, combined with the Easy Load paper management and integrated cutter, minimize customer wait time. The FLASH based memory in turn stores months of transactions, eliminating paper costs associated with traditional paper-based journal rolls. Further, the great versatility of the QPrint FM enhances its effectiveness. It offers USB, RS232, and LAN interfaces, which makes it compatible with any POS system. Read out fiscal and non-fiscal data, print bar codes, logos, or receipt copies. The QPrint FM handles all these essential tasks with speed and reliability.

With the QPrint FM you can rest assured that your data is safe and complies with your country’s tax laws, because it offers built-in security for the fiscal module. To illustrate, the singular Fiscal Screw at the back prevents any tampering. Furthermore, the printer comes with a chip that only grants write permissions of records and prevents any modifications or deletions. The QUORiON fiscal printer is indeed the ideal printing solution in fiscal countries, because it seamlessly addresses the needs of both your customers as well as strict, government tax agencies.



Print Principle
Print Width
72 mm
Paper Width
80 mm
Prints Speed
200 mm / sec.
Sheet Feeder
Drop in (Easy Load)
Life Time
100 km
70 mill. lines
Max. Number of Cuts
1.5 mill.

Chip Set

32 bit ARM 966E


Program Memory
Operating Memory
Data Memory
Electronic Journal
SD-Card up to 1GB
FM Memory
Specially protected fl ash 512KB


Power Supply
External power supply 24V/60W

Features & Benefits

thermal printer mechanism

Unsurpassed Thermal Printer

Advantages - What does it do?
Uses the latest thermal print technology.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Quiet, fast, & graphics capable.

Satisfaction - Value
Process customers quickly.

programmable printer keys

Exclusive Programmable Keys

Advantages - What does it do?
Let's you program how the buttons on the front of the printer will be used by your staff.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You can customize quick call up of functions such as printing out a certain report by just pressing of the keys you programmed.

Satisfaction - Value
Adapt your cash register to fit your business.

First-Rate Interfaces

Advantages - What does it do?
The QTouch 15 includes numerous interfaces to provide a maximum of connectivity, ranging from SD cards to USB devices, and LAN.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You can connect the next generation of devices as well as join networks via LAN.

Satisfaction - Value
Minimal investment yields a maximum of return and scalability, so that your POS can grow with your enterprise.

Secure Fiscal Memory / Module

Advantages - What does it do?
Tracks sales for tax and government purposes and is required by law in fiscal countries.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Keeps you in line with government fiscal policies

Satisfaction - Value
Saves time in dealing with tax authorities.

Extended Reporting Feature

Advantages - What does it do?
Accurate well focused information through customizable reports.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You can retrieve management critical data and evaluate your store's performance.

Satisfaction - Value
Gain the competitive edge from data analysis.

Easy-Load printer

Convenient Easy Load - Drop in

Advantages - What does it do?
Guarantees quick and painless paper reloading.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You no longer have to fiddle around with paper feeds. Just drop in the paper roll and close the printer to continue on with your business.

Satisfaction - Value
Stay quick and efficient during your customer check-outs.



Safety Standards
Electrical Security
EN 60 950
EN 55022 / EN 61000-3-2 / EN 55024
> 5 years
Operating Temperature
5° – 45° C
Storage and Transport Temperature
-5° – 50° C
Noise Level Thermal Printer
< 60 dB


QPrint FM Interface Diagram


Port 1 (RS232)
Communication with PC / modem
Port 2 (RS232)
External 2-line LCD display
Port 3 (RS232)
External keyboard (programmable)
LAN 10/100 Mbit
Communication with PC
Communication with PC
Direct Keys
4 keys - direct control (front side)
Cash Drawer
RJ 11

Products made in Germany

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