for retail

bar code scanner for retail stores

QScan 2

Hand-held single-line laser scanner. Processes up to 100 scans per second and accelerates customer turn-over for any retail business.

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Cash Drawers

for cash control

cash drawers for POS systems

Cash Drawers

Chose from a selection of cash drawers for your QUORiON POS system or cash register.

Receipt Printers


QPrint 4 - receipt printers

QPrint 4 Series

External POS receipt printer with easy paper load. Prints bar codes, logos, and marketing messages with your POS system. Super fast at 250 mm/sec or 59 lines/sec!

QPrint 4 also available with WiFi.

Receipt Printers

Dot Matrix

dot matrix receipt printer

QPrint Matrix

Comes with Easy-Load plus several interface options such as LAN, USB + serial, and serial interfaces. Even supports 2 color mode.

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External Displays

CD200 Series

External customer display for POS

CD 200 Series

2 line, external customer display via RS232 interface. Shows transactional information to clients.

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Graphical Displays

CD700 Series

graphical customer display for POS

CD 700 Series

Large, graphics capable external customer display. Shows transactional information as well as images and promotional messages to clients. Comes with SD card slot to store images.

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Kitchen Monitor


Kitchen monitor for restaurants

Kitchen Monitors for Restaurants

The EPAD controller is a workhorse for KDS. This miniature device, which mounts on the back of most flat screen monitors, is ideal for the kitchen workplace, where space is at a premium. The EPAD comes with TouchBAR, the most advanced Bump-Bar in the industry. Unlike other Bump-Bars the TouchBAR utilizes state-of-the-art touch technology much the same as touch screen monitors.

Contact MicroPlus for details and where to buy at (919) 816-9222 or MicroPlus1@AOL.COM


QTouch series


Stand for QTouch POS Systems

Sturdy metal stand.

Tilt your POS system to the optimal angle of operation for your staff.


with Cable Management

POS stands with cable management

Stand with Power Supply Storage

Sturdy metal stand. Includes tilt and compartment for power supply.

Store your QTouch 12 power cables neatly and out of the way.

Wall Mount

QTouch 12/15B

Wall mount for POS system

Wall Mount Bracket

QTouch 12/15B

Hang up the QTouch 12/15B POS system on the wall for easy access.

Wet Covers

for touch screens

touch screen wet cover

Wet Covers

Protect your QTouch 12 and 15B touch screens from spills and grime. Ideal for food service businesses.

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