POS System Integrations to External Systems and Devices

Our mission is to supply you with simple system solutions for the interconnected POS environment. QUORiON products serve as complete solutions for a number of tasks and as the controls for a wide variety of systems. We provide interfaces to the market leaders for various peripheral systems such as dispensing systems, scales, and payment systems.
Many other interfaces are already in development. Would you like an interface that hasn’t been implemented yet to be integrated just for you? We’re glad to help implement custom solutions for you and your customers.
Please note that not all interfaces are available in all countries. Our trained authorized dealers can provide you with in-depth advice.

Dispensing Systems

Dispensing systems and beverage taps are seeing more and more use in the restaurant industry. The point of service (for beer, soft drinks, or coffee) and the cash register system together form an effective unit that prevents bar losses, improves hygiene, and streamlines workflows. Products from the following manufacturers can be integrated:

Scales & Scanners

The ever-changing wants and needs of customers when they go grocery shopping present a mounting challenge to retailers. The growing demand for loose food items that vary by the individual in terms of the quality and quantity desired creates the need for flexible self-service concepts. QUORiON is responding to this need and providing support for the integration of scales from the following manufacturers:

Automatic Payment Terminals

Fully automated payment terminals bring safety and time savings to payment transactions. These systems are mostly replacing the classic cash drawer and offering a number of advantages with software-controlled payment transactions. Automatic processing of cash makes transactions faster, prevents theft and mistakes, and saves on costs. Find out for yourself and contact our partners today!

Card Terminals

QUORiON products make the customer’s shopping experience smooth and safe. That’s why our POS systems support a number of end terminals for conducting payments by credit or debit card.

Caller ID Modules

Digitization is opening up new opportunities for the restaurant industry to improve their processes, simplify communication, and increase sales, but most importantly, to cater to guests. Efficiency is often a crucial advantage in delivery services, which is why our POS systems support products from the following manufacturers:

Event Functions

Hospitality is known as a very competitive environment. Inspiring your customers with new ideas is therefore all the more important. Innovative concepts instead of tedious standards are required. Digitalization helps focusing on your guests and creating an unforgettable experience for them. For this reason, QUORiON products offer functions from the following manufacturers: