Foundation of QUORiON Business Solutions GmbH

“Dedication to Excellence”


This motto describes the current development of QUORiON and sketches the future direction very accurately. For this reason, QUORiON is pleased to announce the foundation of “QUORiON Business Solutions (QBS)”. Since QUORiON wants to continue to position itself on the market as a provider of system solutions for the networked cash register environment, this step was only logical.


QUORiON welcomes its new colleagues to the QUORiON family. The newly founded company can further advance the digital transformation that began with the development of the QBC back-office solution and further expand the market position as a cash register manufacturer with cloud and software services from a single source.

DQUORiON thus underlines its claim to be an innovation leader.

Renewal of the trade mark QUORiON

The trade mark QUORiON stands for quality and flexibility for many years. Now, our trade mark is adapting to the changing times.

In cooperation with our design partners Plusgrad, we are currently in the process of renewing our corporate identity. The launch of the new corporate design is the first milestone in the implementation of our strategy with which QUORiON Data Systems GmbH will further establish and expand its position as a manufacturer of individual and exclusive product solutions.

Our objective is to firmly position QUORiON as a premium POS manufacturer with a flexible and comprehensive product portfolio. The modernization of our product range began with the introduction of our cloud based back office solution QBC (QUORiON Business Control) and will soon reach the second milestone with the presentation of new products.

With this modernization, QUORiON underlines the digital transformation of our company into a system provider of solutions for the networked POS environment.

With networked solutions we will aid our customers integrating more quality of life and conservation of resources into their daily lives. Our new corporate design reflects the symbiosis of qualitative reliability and modern innovation.