QUORiON presents the QMP 6000 Cash Register Series

QMP 6000 – The No. 1 Cash Register for Restaurants and Retail Stores

Achieve more with the QMP 6000 cash register series. QUORiON’s latest cash register also combines the latest point-of-sale technology with innovative product design.

Developed for the Demanding Hospitality and Retail Industry

The QMP 6000 cash register series convinces with high printing speed and durable printer components. The built-in thermal printer comes in 3 versions (58 mm with cutter, 58 mm without cutter, 80 mm with cutter) and is perfectly suited for all applications. With its 2 keyboard options (raised keyboard with 112 keys, flat keyboard with 128 keys), the QMP 6000 series will shine in all hospitality and retail settings.

Secure Cash Register with Simple Operation

With the embedded LINUX operating system, the QMP 6000 cash register maximizes data security and protection against malware. QUORiON’s internationally successful QMP POS software comes pre-installed on the unit. Together, these qualities allow the cash register to operate on equal footing with current mPOS and PC POS systems.

POS Features for Networks and the Cloud

Network communication of the QMP 6000 series is encrypted according to the latest technical standards and ensures smooth service under the highest possible security conditions. With the integrated LAN interface, connecting to cloud services such as QUORiON Business Control (QBC) is a breeze.

Compliant with the Requirements of Fiscal Laws and Tax Offices

The QMP 6000 cash register is prepared for a wide range of fiscal markets. In combination with a QUORiON Technical Safety Device (TSE), it meets all requirements of the German tax law for point-of-sale technology. Equipped with our QUORiON Signature Module (QSM), this cash register is also Austrian RKSV compliant.

QMP 6000 Registrierkasse

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