QMP 60 Small Cash Register

Powerful LINUX based cash register for small business.

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Proven experience and innovative enhancements lead to increased flexibility and reliability.
The QMP 60 represents the ideal cash register for small and medium sized businesses that do not want to compromise on quality and efficiency. This small cash register combines safety and reliability with intuitive operation and simple programming.

The use of high-quality components and materials make the QMP 60 extremely durable. The internationally successful QMP software with its proven performance minimizes hardware resource requirements and prevents manipulation. The integrated USB host interface enables the connection of USB devices such as scanners and keyboards via plug & play, expanding on its exceptional adaptability. The leading-edge operating concept paired with modern design make the QMP 60 the ideal small cash register for almost all business types.

In addition, the QMP 60 offers everything you need for networked environments. The built-in LAN interface is part of the standard configuration. Take advantage of the latest cloud technology with our back-office software “QBC - QUORiON Business Control”. Set-up is super easy and does not require any software installation.

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ARM Cortex-A9 400 MHz
Working Memory
System Memory
Memory Expansion
via USB
55 000 PLUs
Paper journal + 20 000 lines, internal
Includes retail QMP Linux-based
1x RS232 (RJ45), 1x USB A, 1x USB B, 1x LAN, 1x RJ11-9V (cash drawer)


42 keys raised keys


Operator Display
LCD multiline, 192 x 64 px, blue backlight, graphical
Customer Display
LCD multiline, 192 x 32 px, blue backlight, graphical


Integrated Printer
Internal thermal printer, 58 mm with Easy-Load
Specification Receipt Roll
Thermal paper, width: 57 mm, max. Ø: 46 mm


Dimensions (LxHxW)
290 x 110 x 240 mm
2 kg
100–240 V AC, 1.4 A (external) 9.0 V DC, 4.44 A (internal)
Storage Temperature
- 20°C – + 60°C
Operating Temperature
0°C – + 45°C


Cash Drawer
Small and medium versions available
Fiscal Memory

Features & Benefits

Fiscal Memory Prepared

Fiscal Memory Prepared

Advantages - What does it do?
Should the need arise, you can outfit the QMP 60 with a fiscal memory module.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Makes the QMP 60 predestined for fiscal countries, because it provides options to securely store sales data for tax purposes.

Satisfaction - Value
Easily upgrade with a fiscal module and prevent the mandatory purchase of a whole new cash register during a fiscal law implementation.

Small footprint

Small Footprint & Compact Design

Advantages - What does it do?
Cash register is small and light.

Benefits - What does it mean?
The cash register requires little space to set up.

Satisfaction - Value
Requires little to no space to use.

Fast Thermal Printer

Fast Thermal Printer

Advantages - What does it do?
Latest print technology that uses heat to burn characters into paper.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Quiet, fast, & graphics capable. Easily print logos or advertisements on your receipts.

Brand your business with customized receipt headers and graphics.

Easy-Load Integrated Printer

Easy-Load Integrated Printer

Advantages - What does it do?
Prints out receipts and makes loading paper rolls EASY. Just drop the paper roll into the cash register.

Benefits - What does it mean?
No need to buy an external printer for additional cost and saves on reload time. This is especially useful during peak operation, because it minimizes delays.

Satisfaction - Value
Convenience for you and your customers in terms of saving time.

First Rate Interfaces

First Rate Interfaces

Advantages - What does it do?
Provides communication with peripheral devices.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Expand your cash register's functions with a scanner or scale. Connect a PC via the USB port, a cash drawer via RJ11, or a scanner/scale via RS232. Network your small cash register with LAN.

Satisfaction - Value
Offers great convenience to your customers and gives you flexibility on how to best use your cash register.

QMP Based Retail Software

QMP Based Retail Software

Advantages - What does it do?
Gives you customized control of all system parameters.

Benefits - What does it mean?
System software is based on the retail portion of the successful QMP POS software.

Satisfaction - Value
Supplies access to a multitude of retail functions other entry level products miss out on. Get more for your money!

User-Friendly PC Program for Configuration

User-Friendly PC Program for Configuration

Advantages - What does it do?
Provides a GUI to easily program your cash register.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Comfortably program system parameters, departments, taxes, PLUs, users, and much more with Q-Prog.

Satisfaction - Value
Saves time in getting your cash register fully programmed and operational.

RJ11/RS232/USB Interface

  • Customer display
  • EFT
  • Scanner
  • Scale
  • Cash drawer
  • External POS printers (receipt printer, kitchen printer, fiscal printer)
  • Tap controller, drink dispenser, liquor system

LAN Interface (Ethernet)

  • QMP 2000s (network)
  • QUORiON QTouch POS systems (network)
  • PC
  • Cloud
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)
QMP 60 cash register, front
QMP 60 cash register, front
small cash register, left side
QMP 60 cash register, left
small cash register, back side
QMP 60 cash register, backside

Small Cash Register


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QMP 60

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