Cash Registers for Small Business

Recently, mobile POS systems have been the trending topics in the cash register industry. New players relentlessly push these products in the media. Yet, most of the world still relies on the traditional electronic cash registers for small business. Something the new product vendors continuously attempt to dismiss. A small business still largely depends on sales that the customer tenders with cash. The basis of most exchanges in the world.

QUORiON has a long standing tradition in the development of cash registers for small business, whether these are retail or restaurant operations. Unlike many of the apps you can buy for mobile devices, even the entry level cash register for small business delivers more features. For instance, you can easily connect all the POS peripherals you need via readily accessible interfaces such as USB, RS232, LAN, and SD card slots. Most tablets require special adaptors before you can even begin using them. Purchasing your cash register from dealers ensures you get local, timely support from one vendor. As an end user using an app, you will continuously have to deal with different manufacturers that do not even guarantee that the devices will work together properly. As a small business these are headaches you need to avoid in order to ensure uninterrupted service to your clients. At QUORiON all the devices our vendors offer have already undergone compatibility testing.

QUORiON cash registers for small business provide everything you need to run your store or restaurant. Check out the great features you can expect from the QMP POS software, which you receive with your purchase. For example, use the PC program, QProg, to program and customize the cash register to optimally suit your business needs. With the stock control add-on you will always have your inventory overview right form the register. Ample storage via SD cards stores large sales data in an electronic journal, which you can analyze with the QUORiON E-Journal Viewer (sold separately). You will require no spreadsheets or additional PC programs. In addition, you can chose from a variety of built-in report options that the cash registers make available.

Small businesses in the restaurant industry prefer cash registers that feature a flat membrane keyboard to withstand liquid spills, dirt as well as other foreign materials. Conversely, retail stores may elect to go with additional department keys, which you can program with preset tax rates and prices. QUORiON cash registers make both these options available. To illustrate, the QMP2000 series offers a variety of printers and keyboards. We understand that each small business has its own unique requirements.

Small Business Cash Register Recommendations

QMP 18

Low cost cash registers for small business

Low cost, entry level cash registers with internal battery. Comes with a 42 key keyboard and internal thermal printer with Easy-Load. Fiscal Memory available.

See QMP 18

QMP 2000

electronic cash registers for small business

The pinnacle of cash register evolution. Includes modern processors & interfaces. Customize your ECR from a variety displays, keyboards & printers.

See QMP 2000

QTouch 8

All in one POS system for small business

All-in-One POS system with 8" touch screen, printer & POS software. The low cost solution for small businesses that desire touch screens.

See QTouch 8

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