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This Week 10 Years ago – Chancellor Merkel Visited QUORiON

Chancellor Merkel visited QUORiON.

This week 10 years ago QUORiON enjoyed one of its milestones, when Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to visit our booth.  The Chancellor remains in office to this day.

March 15th, 2007, on the opening day of the 2007 CeBIT the QUORiON team had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Chancellor Angela Merkel at our stand. Several key political figures accompanied the Chancellor on her CeBIT tour.

President Frank Grueschow gave a short speech and introduced the company to the national media. Thereafter, Chancellor Merkel and Mr. Grueschow discussed the company’s excellent export track record, the reasons for coming to Germany as well as the role of small and medium sized businesses in the German economy.

Everyone enjoyed the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, brought about through Chancellor Merkel’s open and cordial manner.  Moreover, she showed keen interest in QUORiON’s innovative point of sale systems.

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QUORiON Launches New POS System for Small Business

QUORiON, the German POS system manufacturer, launches its new all-in-one POS system for small business.  At the RSPA show in Orlando last year, the company already showcased a prototype POS system with the intention to produce it in 2015.  The new QTouch 8 has evolved past the trial installations and QUORiON now stands ready to begin its full scale production.

The QTouch 8 serves as a cross-over model between the mobile and traditional POS worlds.  With its 8 inch touch screen display, integrated printer, and small foot print, the company clearly directs the product at small businesses, who favor a traditional touch screen POS system.  Small business owners face more POS options than ever before.  However, the QTouch 8 POS system seems to lend itself to small business needs. “For small businesses it’s crucial to begin processing customers as quickly as possible.  Because we have several POS peripherals built-in and pre-install our QMP POS software, there is little hardware installation that store owners need to bother with.  From a dealer stand point, the modular components make service in the field easy and there are no additional software packages to install.  They can begin system configuration immediately,” Patrick Grueschow, QUORiON’s VP says.

The QTouch 8 features the same Arm processor family as the rest of the QTouch series, which the company introduced over the past few years.  “Standardization is key in any product line, as it facilitates easy repair and servicing,” Mr. Hesse asserts.  Like its bigger QTouch 10 brother, the QTouch 8 sports a thermal printer with Easy-Load and auto cutter.  “Users will be able to choose between 80mm or 58mm printers,” Cordula Rehfeldt, QUORiON’s Sales Director states.  The POS system will have a number of built-in interfaces as well such as LAN, USB, and serial ports.  “The interfaces will allow small business owners to support various peripheral devices like scanners, scales, external printers and so forth,” Matthias Hesse, QUORiON’s R&D Director adds.

Additionally, the built-in POS software lets small business owners customize the QTouch 8 to service their needs, irrespective of their business vertical.  “We see owners of food trucks, bakeries, boutiques, and coffee shops deploying QTouch8s.  It covers everything they need out of one box,” Mr. Hesse says.  The POS system houses everything inside an impact and spill resistant plastic housing.

Noting these characteristics, one can easily understand how the QTouch 8 fulfills its promise in the utility department.  “It’s not just that.  While they appreciate usability, small business owners cannot afford to routinely buy new POS systems.  They need to have something that lasts.  In the past we have had units out in the Australian Outbacks and we never hear from them.  That’s the kind of dependability we consistently strive for,” Mr. Grueschow explains.

For small businesses who require a cash register, but prefer to utilize touch screen technology, the QTouch 8 should represent a welcome addition to the POS market.  It will be available in the USA as well.

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QUORiON Partners Remain Active on Trade Shows

QUORiON will be represented by our local distributor SIMSOFT Technologies at the international exhibition “SEHRA” Hotel and Restaurant Equipment, which takes place between the 5th and 9th of November 2014 at the INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF SOUSSE, Tunisia.

In addition, our local distributor in Egypt, GLOBAL FOR TRADING, will showcase QUORiON POS systems at the exhibition “HACE 2014”  in Cairo, which takes place between the 11th and 15th of November 2014. 

If you happen to reside in these countries, we cordially invite you to stop by and have a close up look at our entire POS system product line.  See you there!