EVO & QUORiON - Sales Opportunity for POS Resellers

Sales Opportunity for POS Resellers. EVO And QUORiON Partner up.

QUORiON has entered the U.S. marketplace through a partnership with EVO Payments.  This is a great sales opportunity for POS resellers.  They stand to benefit from extended warranties, monthly residual payments, a $500 cash bonus, and more.

QUORiON is a POS system producer from Germany.  The QUORiON product line ranges from small cash registers to sophisticated touch screen POS systems.  The company focuses on differentiation and constant evolution of POS driven solutions.  This includes everything from cloud based back-office to table-side ordering apps and counter-top POS terminals with POS software.

Moreover, QUORiON’s concept revolves around a rock-solid LINUX based POS software.  It comes pre-installed with every QUORiON product.  The POS software is truly unique with its multi-purpose approach, because it supports virtually any type of business, whether your merchant runs a retail business, a food service operation, or a bakery.

In addition, the company provides many value added features for these businesses as well as salons and dry cleaners. There is no boundary between industries, which allows for cross over business models, i.e. running a restaurant with a merchandise store.

Over the past 20 years QUORiON has expanded sales into 70+ countries world-wide with 500k+ units sold.  Over 400 resellers enjoy superior customization options, extensive networking capabilities, and sought-after features with QUORiON’s POS solutions.

9 Reasons Why It’s a Great Sales Opportunity for POS Resellers

    1. Unique LINUX based POS system with POS software pre-installed
    2. Malware-resistant Linux-based operating system
    3. High-quality “Made in Germany” ISO 9001 standards
    4. Feature-rich, back-to-front end point-of-sale solutions
    5. Extensive customization options to address many different merchant needs
    6. No minimum order quantities
    7. Responsive, personalized assistance for installation or issue resolution
    8. Increase profit with monthly residuals, cash bonus, and high margin products
    9. Revenue share with support plans, setup & customization service, and subscription fees for QBC back-office software

Learn more about QUORiON’s point-of-sale products and joining its new U.S. reseller network.

Special Offer for POS Resellers and VARs

Special Offer for POS Resellers in the USA

Sign-up today to lock-in your introductory 15% discount on all QTouch models! Special Offer for POS Resellers from EVO Payments. Receive a $500 cash bonus and ongoing processing residuals with EVO merchant accounts.  See full details of this exceptional promotion below.  Offer expires October 30th, 2019.

Special Offer Details for POS Resellers

1st POS demo terminal is 25% off.

Lock-in your 15% discount on all QTouch models, thereafter.

Next, add an EVO Payments merchant account with your merchant’s QUORiON POS system.  Then, receive even more rewards:

      1. Earn ongoing processing residuals from EVO
      2. $500 cash bonus for every processing MID
      3. 1 year extended warranty
      4. 1 free QOrder license – QUORiON’s Android app for table-side & retail-floor ordering (a $299 value!)

PLUS – Give Your Merchants More POS Buying Power with 0% Financing

EVO offers zero-percent financing to make it easier for your merchants to buy QUORiON POS systems. Your merchants pay no interest with a signed contract for processing with EVO. But you get paid upfront – 100% upon approved merchant financing application.

POS Reseller Benefits:

      • Helps you compete against “free” POS offers
      • No hidden merchant contract language, no changes to merchant processing fees, no gimmicks!
      • Installation, training, and service contracts can be included in the financed amount
      • Simple application/approval process
      • Get credit decisions within hours

Please note, EVO Payments’s terms and conditions apply.


Why QUORiON POS Systems?

      1. German engineered
      2. LINUX based
      3. Malware resistant
      4. Fully featured
      5. Completely customizable
      6. Back-to-front end POS solutions (with cloud back-office software)

All POS systems come with our QMP POS software pre-installed. The software supports almost all types of retail and food-service businesses.

See what your reseller peers have to say about QUORiON.

Who is QUORiON?

    • We are one of the leading POS system manufacturers in Europe
    • QUORiON strictly adheres to its DIN ISO 9001 certified quality standard
    • Businesses world-wide rely on our POS solutions. Whether it is at the Olympic Games, the Stade de Suisse stadium in Bern, or the Junction 8 Mall in Singapore.  Over the past 20 years we have built up a loyal following of 480+ resellers and over 470,000 sold terminals in 80 countries
    • QUORiON POS systems run on LINUX, which makes them a unique and more reliable option than all the current POS offers

What Else Is on the Table?

    • Depot repair and extended warranties available
    • Wholesale programming & support plans available

Naturally, we understand that you’re busy.  You may not have the time to learn new POS software.  Or perhaps you are not familiar with the QUORiON brand?

Let our experts program and support your merchant’s QUORiON POS system.

Then, see how it performs under live conditions. Take over at any time or continue-on with our wholesale prices.  Focus on sales not support.  Instantly begin earning more revenue without any extra work.

    • Earn added revenue with our cloud back-office software subscriptions
    • Free training for resellers
    • Free marketing materials with design files
    • Reseller portal

Sign up now to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Mobile POS

QOrder Updated to Support Latest Android Version

QOrder, QUORiON’s Android based table-side ordering system for restaurants, has been updated to support the latest 6.0 (Marshmallow) version.  The app runs on most Android smart phones and tablet devices.  It is currently available for a one-time license fee.

Many businesses also utilize the app to serve as a mobile extension of the QUORiON POS system.

How Do I Test the New QOrder Version?

Download the new demo version here.