September 2018 POS Industry News

September 2018 – POS Industry News

At last we’re back with POS industry news from around the web. This month we cover September 2018.  We have a bit of everything from the usual POS malware attacks to market studies and Blog entries.

FIN6 returns to attack retailer point of sale systems in US, Europe


PoS terminals are big business, considering the valuable financial data they collect. A number of serious vulnerabilities were recently found in popular …

IBM Identifies Ongoing FIN6 Attacks Against PoS Targets – eWeek

X-Force IRIS Identifies FIN6 Activity on POS Networks – Security Intelligence (blog)

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Reducing Dwell Time of POS Attacks Can be Deceptively Simple

Retail Info Systems News (press release) (blog)

Attacks on Point-of-Sale (POS) systems continue to occur at staggering rates and retailers remain exposed as vulnerabilities in point-of-sale systems …

POS Industry News, Part 2

6 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Retail Point-Of-Sale System

Small Business Trends

Now, when was the last time you upgraded your point-of-sale system (POS)? If you have to think about it — and especially if you can’t remember — it’s …

Outlook of Global Mobile POS Systems Market: Research Report during 2018-2023

Trade Reporter

The Research Report on Mobile POS Systems Market gives Quick Overview on Mobile POS Systems Market including, Product description, Key …

Global Mobile POS Systems Sales Market 2018 By Manufactures – Ingenico, iZettle, Intuit … – Weekly Journalism

Point-of-sale (PoS) Systems Market Demand by Size, Status, Key Players and Forecast to 2025 – openPR (press release)

Global Point-of-sale (PoS) Systems Market Share Analysis, Sales Volume, Price and Forecast to … – Newszak (blog)

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Chicken Express Selects Paytronix Platform

QSR magazine

The previous Chicken Express Gift Card system required franchisees to add a separate terminal alongside the main POS system. “It was so difficult to …

Grocery POS Systems Market 2018 to register high demand rate Worldwide: Highest manufactures …

Port Herald News Now

Global Grocery POS Systems market report looks at complete account of the Grocery POS Systems industry by geography, global breakdown, leading …

What Is POS?

TechCo (blog)

What is a POS system? It’s the “Point of Sale” in the retail or ecommerce industry, and the term refers to the software and hardware used to track and …

FIN6 Cyber-Hacking Group Attacking PoS Systems, IBM Reveals


Today’s topics include IBM identifying ongoing FIN6 attacks against point-of-sale targets, and Google claiming its MasterCard deal does not violate …

PayThink Point of sale attacks are a ‘point of no return’


An onslaught of cyberattacks are targeting point-of-sale (POS) systems from restaurants and retailers so cybercriminals can easily steal credit card …

POS Industry News, Part 3

Best Restaurant POS systems

TechCo (blog)

The right POS system can streamline every operation of your restaurant, bar, or cafe, from orders and payments to your entire ingredient inventory.

Tablet POS Systems Market Share, Size, Growth, Industry Demand, Trends and 2018-2025 … – openPR (press release)

POS Systems Market: Industry Analysis, Geographical Segmentation, Drivers, Challenges, Trends … –

Global POS Systems sales market 2018: focuses on companies, opportunities, market size, growth … – Daily Industry Reports

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Not your father’s POS: What 2019 will bring to payments and mobility

Retail Dive

But lately, POS systems, and how customers interact with payment systems and mobile devices in the store, have been changing. From “payments …

Clunky POS terminals evolve into sleek multi-platform systems

Nation’s Restaurant News

Clunky POS terminals evolve into sleek multi-platform systems. Operators see more flexibility with front-of-house tech. Nancy Luna | Sep 21, 2018.

Tablet POS Systems Market Breakdown Data by Regions, Type, Manufacturers and Applications …

openPR (press release)

“The Report Global Tablet POS Systems Market Insights, Forecast to 2025 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and …

POS industry news for September 2018 brought to you by QUORiON Data Systems, a POS system manufacturer. Content is collected from various sources around the Web.

Guest Check Floating

Guest Check Floating, Floating Clerks, Floating PLUs

Guest Check Floating, Floating Clerks, Floating PLUs??  So, what is the deal with point of sale systems and the “floating functions” folks keep talking about?

Well, floating just means that all POS systems in a network have real-time access to certain information.  They can share guest checks in restaurants, open receipts, and new PLUs/articles.  This grants you substantial flexibility in how you run your operation.

Here are the specifics…

Let’s begin with Floating Tables…

This is also known as Guest Check Floating, which allows POS terminals to automatically transfer all customer sales data to all other POS terminal in your network – basically different locations such as tables, bar, or terrace.  There’s no need for staff to return to the same POS terminal or even open up a new sales ticket every time a customer moves from table to terrace.

Then we have Floating Clerks…

This feature really consists of 2 parts known as Smooth Terminal Change and Smooth Operator Change. It ensure automatic clerk change and transfer of all active sales data per customer at any POS terminal in your network.  Yep, you heard right.  In a bakery, for example, it facilitates direct POS access at all the different service areas such as bread sales, cake sections, and my favorite –  the delectable goodies area.  Staff continues serving clients simultaneously without interruption at any terminal. They simply swap to their open receipts at a touch of a button or a magnetic key.  Pretty cool, huh?

Lastly, there are Floating PLUs

Newly created/changed sales items, also known as PLUs, automatically pass from one POS terminal to all the others you have networked locally.  The clerk only needs to add it once.

Now that’s what I call efficient!

…and BTW, all these “floating functions” work with QUORiON cash registers and POS systems.  All you really need is a LAN interface to network your POS terminals.

For more information on QUORiON point of sale products, please visit the link above today.

QUORiON Introduces All-in-One POS System with Integrated Printer

It is no secret that many economies are struggling these days, forcing many businesses to tighten their budgets.  In response to this trend the German POS system manufacturer plans to unveil its new All-in-One POS system this fall – the QTouch10.  A first look indicates that this POS system will come with a touch screen, an integrated printer, and a graphic capable customer display in the back.

Traditional POS systems always required the purchase of a receipt printer, an external customer display as well as procurement of POS software.  Moreover, all of these extras necessitated installation, taxing a business owner’s resources even further.  With a POS solution that has these devices fully integrated, these drawbacks no longer apply.  The company also plans to offer its POS software pre-installed as standard.

Much like the All-in-One printers everyone is familiar with, an All-in-One POS system should achieve similar cost savings in investment, installation, and maintenance costs. “Today when I look at purchasing a new device, I look at all the extras it comes with, whether it’s a cell phone or a TV. Likewise, the QTouch10 addresses this desire.  I want something that saves me money, is easy to set-up, and easy to use,” Mr. Patrick Grueschow, QUORiON VP of Marketing explains.

“We tried to make the owner’s life as simple as possible.  Integrated POS peripherals means, no set up, no compatibility issues, and everything from one vendor,“ Mr. Grueschow adds.

Unsurprisingly, the company will continue to offer its QMP POS software with each product, as it reduces the learning curve for those already familiar with QUORiON POS systems.  The QMP software makes retail, restaurant, and bakery POS functions available.  “We see owners of small restaurants, bakeries, retail stores, and cafes deploying QTouch10s.  It covers everything they need out of one package,” Mr. Matthias Hesse, QUORiON Product Manager asserts.  More than ever new business owners must focus on getting their business off the ground.  They cannot afford to be tied down with installing infrastructure.  The company plans to make a quick-start guide available, so businesses can hit the ground running.

Witnessing the QTouch10 in action one can easily see how QUORiON fulfills its promise in the utility department.  For instance, when the paper runs out, the operator simply has to drop a new paper roll in the Easy-Load chamber – finished.  Touch screen assisted article navigation assists the clerk during check out.

In countries where governments enforce a mandatory cash register law to streamline tax collection, a fully integrated fiscal POS system would reduce the chance of fraud, as only one device requires encryption.  Commonly a POS solution in a fiscal country requires security at the register, external printer, and any other device that duplicates sales data. The QTouch10 all-in-one POS system will cover this issue as well.

For those seeking to realize cost savings and reduce setup time with integrated POS peripherals, the QTouch10 should represent a welcome alternative to POS infrastructure in SMBs.