Guest Check Floating

Guest Check Floating, Floating Clerks, Floating PLUs

Guest Check Floating, Floating Clerks, Floating PLUs??  So, what is the deal with point of sale systems and the “floating functions” folks keep talking about?

Well, floating just means that all POS systems in a network have real-time access to certain information.  They can share guest checks in restaurants, open receipts, and new PLUs/articles.  This grants you substantial flexibility in how you run your operation.

Here are the specifics…

Let’s begin with Floating Tables…

This is also known as Guest Check Floating, which allows POS terminals to automatically transfer all customer sales data to all other POS terminal in your network – basically different locations such as tables, bar, or terrace.  There’s no need for staff to return to the same POS terminal or even open up a new sales ticket every time a customer moves from table to terrace.

Then we have Floating Clerks…

This feature really consists of 2 parts known as Smooth Terminal Change and Smooth Operator Change. It ensure automatic clerk change and transfer of all active sales data per customer at any POS terminal in your network.  Yep, you heard right.  In a bakery, for example, it facilitates direct POS access at all the different service areas such as bread sales, cake sections, and my favorite –  the delectable goodies area.  Staff continues serving clients simultaneously without interruption at any terminal. They simply swap to their open receipts at a touch of a button or a magnetic key.  Pretty cool, huh?

Lastly, there are Floating PLUs

Newly created/changed sales items, also known as PLUs, automatically pass from one POS terminal to all the others you have networked locally.  The clerk only needs to add it once.

Now that’s what I call efficient!

…and BTW, all these “floating functions” work with QUORiON cash registers and POS systems.  All you really need is a LAN interface to network your POS terminals.

For more information on QUORiON point of sale products, please visit the link above today.

Design Restaurant Floor Plans with Roomle and Import into QUORiON POS Systems for Table Management

Table Management with QTouch POS Systems

One of the great features of QUORiON QTouch POS systems is the ability to quickly and efficiently manage tables within a restaurant.  QMP program logic combined with touch screen technology makes this possible.  QTouch POS system is therefore a true asset, when it comes to managing your daily restaurant operations. 

All QTouch POS systems can show you a floor plan or an image of one, depicting tables in your restaurant.  These plans a freely programmable by simply uploading images from your PC to the POS system via QProg.  You can store up to 8 different floor plans!  Once you uploaded the image, it appears on your touch screen after you navigate to the appropriate section.  There, you assign tables on the image to track them.  You accomplish this by adding a table and then dragging & dropping the icon/square to the desired location on your graphical floor plan (usually corresponding to the actual location within your restaurant).  Instead of selecting tables from a list, you can open them by touching the table symbol on your floor plan via the touch screen.  The POS system then brings up all the active information for it and allows you to manage the entire ordering and check out process.  Combine, split tables, add new items, or make order revisions before closing out the table for check out.  The QTouch POS system will automatically make all this information available to all the other QUORiON POS systems in the network, which in the industry is commonly referred to as floating tables.  In other words, you can open the same table on every QUORiON POS system in the network.  This is especially valuable as it provides great flexibility in larger restaurants, where waiters may end up at different locations or tables are combined from different areas.  Adding additional operating convenience is the color coding of tables according to pre-programmed times.  These indicate how long it has been since a waiter came by to serve them, allowing for additional control over the service experience.

So how do you get an actual floor plan or representative image of your restaurant into the POS system, if no digital versions are available? 

It’s easy with Roomle!  The QUORiON Team has found a great online tool to manage this process absolutely free.  At you get all the tools necessary to create a layout of your restaurant and save it to a digital image for import via QProg.

What is Roomle? – Taken from website

Roomle is an innovative online planning tool for sketching out floor plans and furnishing these plans.  Roomle is free to use.  You do not need any additional software.  As a registered user, you can draw up as many plans as you wish and access them at any time.

Planning your living space online

Draw a floor plan of your home or upload a sketch.

Furnishing in no time!

Draft a sketch of your furnishings and floor plan and adapt them to your requirements.

Innovative user interface

Roomle is fantastically intuitive and takes just 5 minutes to master.

Managing your plans

All of your plans can be practically stored in the same area.

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