Streamline Your Restaurant Workflows with QUORiON POS Systems

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Learn how QUORiON POS solutions can help improve restaurant workflows with table management, table-side ordering apps, automatic printer routing, and analytics.

Imagine a cozy, downtown restaurant with 2 stories, a roof top terrace, and a patio bar on a beautiful summer eve…

… at the door the scintillating aromas of the exquisite cuisine greet everyone’s nose.

Crowds of young people enter cheerfully. The hostess assigns tables.  Waiters warmly greet guests and cleverly use QOrder on their mobile Android devices to take orders table-side (up to 8 simultaneously).  Thereafter, they send these via Wi-Fi to a central QTouch POS system.  Based on pre-assigned article departments, orders then go out automatically to 4 different Wi-Fi kitchen and bar printers.

  • Drinks to the bar Wi-Fi printer 1
  • Appetizers to kitchen Wi-Fi printer 2
  • Main course to kitchen Wi-Fi printer 3 (with internal melody box)
  • Desserts to kitchen Wi-Fi printer 4

During the delightful evening guests freely move from bar to tables, waiters reopen tables to add orders, split tables, and close them. Waiters quickly generate invoices via QOrder, which can print on Wi-Fi printers in each restaurant area such as a …

  • Wi-Fi printer 5 hanging on first floor wall,
  • Wi-Fi printer 6 on roof top terrace,
  • Wi-Fi printer 7 on patio terrace,
  • Or on the QTouch POS system.

Regular customers receive discounts or even free meals according to the built-in loyalty system, which runs on the QTouch POS system.

At the end of the night the restaurant manager conveniently checks revenue with the EJournal View software on his office PC and reviews the server activity.

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